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nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 09:26:16

I think Ds (2.5) has it. I am taking him to the docs for 10.40 to confirm this and hopefully get some anti biotics.

Thing is though when he tries to eat he keeps gagging, is this because his throat is soooooo sore ???

I have had it before and don't remember gagging.

So far today we have tried a yoghurt, bannana, and porridge but he just cries when he tries to swallow it and then gags.

sweetmonkey Thu 12-May-05 09:31:23

i was like this the week before last.i had a sore throat when woke up on the monday. by friday it was no better , went to docs who said it was tonsilitis and put me on AB's. everytime i tried to eat i gagged so lived on soup for about a week . plus developed a cold and cough which also made me gag.
yr little one is not alone.

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 09:32:51

Oh thanks at east I know it is normal then. Hope you are better now

They wanted me to wait until tonight for an appointment but I said No, he could have had 2 lots of antibiotics by then.

anorak Thu 12-May-05 09:33:10

It does sound like it. My ds had it last week. I shone a torch in his mouth and pushed his tongue flat like the doctor does and I could see his tonsils hanging there like a pair of rabid testicles - yuck. Phoned the doctor and as luck would have it the patient due in 5 mins later had cancelled so I bundled ds into the car and got him his antibiotics in time for the weekend.

They seem to be able to manage jelly and ice cream when they have tonsillitis!

milge Thu 12-May-05 09:33:21

Poor mite. I had it about 2 months ago, and it was awful- even liquid made me retch. it was like having razor blades in my throat and a shard of glass instead of tonsils. might take 2 courses of anti b's to sort out your ds. Don't forget the painkillers to let him eat/drink as it really does hurt.

nutcracker Thu 12-May-05 09:35:41

Am gonna make him a jelly later although i have a feeling he doesn't like it but i'll try anything.

He is having Calpol and Nurofen alternatly every 2 hours at the mo.

Have tried to look in his mouth and i think i could see 3 or 4 spots at the back but then he bit me so I gave up.

sweetmonkey Thu 12-May-05 09:35:58

yeah im back to normal thanks. me being me and having work and stuff left it a week. not good idea as i was ill all over bank holiday.
doctors seem to be getting worse for seeing people these days. hope you get on ok and yr little one starts to feel better.
i was taking antibiotics plus ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. not sure if you can get it in a liquid or if AB for kiddies already has it in.
hope he gets on ok

sweetmonkey Thu 12-May-05 11:26:56

how did he get on?

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