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Migraine sufferers

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gemmiegoatlegs Tue 16-Jun-09 20:10:25

I sufferfrom migraine every 2-3 weeks. Usually I have the kind of normal, flashing light visual disturbance that precedes the headache.

Today i was out shopping, feeling fine, walked into a shop and suddenly my vision went totally skew-whiff. I felt like I couldn't control my eyes, like the feeling when you go cross eyed, only I couldn't move my eyes back. I had double vision too. This lasted about 30 seconds. About thirty minutes later the headache piled on.

Has anyone had similar visuals with migraine? I am a bit frightened to google as I have hypochondriac tendencies and will be self diagnosing a brain tumour in 5 minutes.

bigchris Tue 16-Jun-09 20:13:11

my sister wears shades when she goes shopping
she does feel self conscious in case people think she's a poser wearing shades inside but the truth is the bright lights in supermarkets and shopping centres trigger her migraines

TheArmadillo Tue 16-Jun-09 20:14:15

I don't get similar with mine but dp ahs started getting them (has been under lot of stress) and he gets really sudden visual disturbance. It's not unknown.

this site is quite good for advice on migraine without being scary

gemmiegoatlegs Tue 16-Jun-09 20:20:13

just browsing that link armadillo. it looks really good.

One of the points was the link between migraine and hormones - many women experience their first migraine in the year they start their period. I remember seeing the doctor about headaches when i was 12, and being diagnosed with migraine then. I started my period about 2 months after that IIRC

tbh, the visual disturbances are the worst bit for me, the headache is rarely unbearable but I get all confused before an attack and can't see for maybe half an hour as I'm just discoing behind my eyes (not nice when driving)

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