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How Often do you have to have baby check-ups?

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highlander Thu 12-May-05 00:08:18

just read irishbird's thread and didn't want to hijack........

I'm returning to the UK from Canada next month. We don't have any baby/toddler check-ups here - you simply see your GP if you have any concerns. I think this is sensible.

must I take DS to the HV check-ups when I return?

essbee Thu 12-May-05 00:11:40

Message withdrawn

highlander Thu 12-May-05 00:12:47

thansk essbee - I had it in my head I would have the HV banging on my door every month!! Those intervals sound OK.

kama Thu 12-May-05 00:19:24

Message withdrawn

essbee Thu 12-May-05 00:20:56

Message withdrawn

kama Thu 12-May-05 00:24:18

Message withdrawn

highlander Thu 12-May-05 00:29:15

essbee, I think I'll be avoiding them like the plague........

ghosty Thu 12-May-05 02:02:08

I took DS every week till he was about 4 months then I avoided it at all costs as my HV was a nightmare ... but I was a neurotic first time mum, DS had been poorly for the first 6 weeks of his life and I went more for my sake than his!
In NZ you have a home visit at 6 weeks and 9 weeks. Then you have a check up at 3 months, 5 months, 9 months, 15 months and 2 years.
I think it is good in theory assuming you have a good, sensible HV who is not obsessed about ALL babies reaching certain targets by certain ages ... For example, my DD just had her 15 month check today and the HV (called Plunket Nurse in NZ) was not at all concerned about the fact that DD doesn't say any words at all yet ... I was a bit concerned and I know my previous Nurse would have gone into orbit about it ... but this Nurse was brilliant, observed DD's very closely and noted that she 'communicates' very well but without words and just said that if she wasn't talking by 2 they would investigate it further.
I came away feeling so much better about it.

newrus Thu 12-May-05 08:12:22

I think the less you take them the better, I only see my GP if I think my little one is not well, which is not very often...the HV's are a pain!

biglips Thu 12-May-05 08:55:01

do you need to make an appointment or does the HV visit your house or wha? (mine is 8 mths old next month)

biglips Thu 12-May-05 08:55:40

as i presumed the only time i see docs for check ups is when baba is not well

Bijraffe Thu 12-May-05 09:37:51

They will call you in to make an appointment for the routine development checks. If you really want to see the HV, you can either go to the baby clinic, or ask the HV to come out.

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