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Think she may have cracked it this time! 90yr Old, would you get it checked?

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MmeJaffaB Tue 16-Jun-09 14:57:15

My Grannie is staying with us in France
from the UK. She is due to fly back on Thursday alone. She is 90yrs old.
She fell in the garden on Saturday, not badly but fell on her side and since then has been in pain when she coughs, breathes deeply and today it is worse, she is occasionaly finding it difficult to talk and she says not short of breath but difficult to breath perhaps she means uncomfortable.
I suspect she's craked/broken/bruised a rib and I know there is nothing they can do medicaly but I'm now worried about internal damage, risks of flying etc....

Should I get her checked out? she says it's up to me, she'll go if I think she should.

howtotellmum Tue 16-Jun-09 15:04:41

get her checked as ap.

MmeJaffaB Tue 16-Jun-09 21:51:32

Thanks, we went, she has cracked a rib and there is a little bleeding but she is OK to fly. Pain killers and rest should do the trick.

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