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Not sleeping.

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Kayzr Tue 16-Jun-09 08:35:45

Since Friday night I have woken up between 2 and 3 and then not been able to get back to sleep. I then spend the day trying to stay awake. Any ideas on how to get back to sleep?


magso Tue 16-Jun-09 10:20:46

Depends on why I cannot sleep! I usually find that it is better to get up and go and and do something useful but boring! If I know the reason for my wakefulness I deal with it - write a note if I fear forgetting, breath steam if nose bunged up/take painkillers if in pain/ do jobs that I am behind with/ write list of worries.
It is a nuisance isn't it especially when dog tired!

Kayzr Tue 16-Jun-09 14:44:31

I'm not worried about anything(That I canthink of). I might just get up and do the washing up or ironing if it happens again.

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