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I really want this to come across as a sensible logical question, and not hysterical...

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ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 15-Jun-09 19:30:48

... but I fear its going to make me sound looney

Given the flu at the minute, is now a bad time to be considering having another baby (in terms of my own health?)

I keep seeing comments about how being pregnant and getting swine flu is not the best situation, is that because of being unable to take tablets etc, or that being pregnancy gives a weaker immune system?

nickytwotimes Mon 15-Jun-09 19:36:11

You don't sound like a looney - just a concerned person. wink smile

You are more prone to complications if you are pg as your body's main job is to grow a baby. there is an anti-viral drug that can be used on pg women under supervision. Also, like any serious virus, there is a risk to the pregnancy if you have a very high temp, etc.

I would not let swine flu put you off ttc though. There is always an outside chance of developing a serious viral illness. It is at pandemic level, not epidemic, and has been very well contained so far. Bear in mind that the woman who died had existing health conditions, not divulged yet obviously.

Go ttc!

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 15-Jun-09 19:45:26

Phew (wipes brow) that I dont appear like too much of a loon!

I have one DD already, DH and I have been ttc for a little while; its a bit difficult at the mo as he works away a lot.

I think its just on my mind because obv the news today and also we had a meeting about how the company I am working for is preparing for a potential % of the workforce unable to come in with all having flu.

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