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Infacol & Calpol - can I give both ?

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Magscat Wed 11-May-05 19:55:52

DD has had bad cold this week. Have been giving Calpol but none today so far as seems a bit better. Gave her small dose of Infacol at bedtime (6.20pm) but if she seems poorly later, is it safe to give her any Calpol ?

vickiyumyum Wed 11-May-05 19:57:54

calpol is paracetomol and infacol is to relieve colic isn't it.
so as long as infacol doesn't have paracetomoml in it then it should be safe, depends on age of dd. i would probably give nhs direct a ring just to check, as i'm assuming that as youre using infacol dd is under 3 months!

jessicasmummy Wed 11-May-05 19:57:57

Isnt infacol the anti-colic drops? in which case it makes no difference to the calpol. If it something else, post again x HTH

NotQuiteCockney Wed 11-May-05 19:59:10

I think you can mix them - Infacol doesn't have paracetamol in it, does it? How old is DD?

kid Wed 11-May-05 19:59:48

depending on the age of your DD, if calpol isn't helping enough, you can use ibuprofen too. But thats more of a pain relief than for a cold.

Magscat Wed 11-May-05 20:04:46

DD is 4 months. I don't think Infacol has any paracetemol in it & couldn't see any warnings like 'do not mix with other medicines'.
I just don't like using too many medicines in general and have never needed to give 2 different ones before though I think it sould be ok becuase as you've all said, they seem to be completely different.

Magscat Wed 11-May-05 20:07:30

P.S. I'm hoping she's getting over the cold, she's not had the streaming nose today, but her eyes seem quite bad at the moment (gunky, puffy but not actually bloodshot). Not sure yet if it's conjunctivitis. Any idea if it ever goes away on it's own or do I have to use that horrible antibiotic cream/drops?

marne Wed 11-May-05 20:08:10

Yes you can, gp told me to use both when dd had an ear infection, but not at the same time ( give calpol than an hour or two after give the infacol)

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