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itchy arms, hands and face - dr thinks it's hormonal

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Robeena Mon 15-Jun-09 12:19:51

okay I have got itchy hands, arms & face - there is a rash on my hands and arms and my skin tone on my arms, hands and face is discoloured - the doctor was USELESS!!! he said it was hormonal - yes I have stopped breastfeeding but this is my 3rd child and not had it before!
I am itching like crazy and all I want to do is scratch - the anti-itch cream he prescribed is NOT working.

Feel like going back and yelling at dr & to top it all off after 10mins he asked me to leave as I could only discuss one problem with him!

Helium Mon 15-Jun-09 12:26:30

I had a friend with sever itching - turned out she was allergic to WATER!!! Has to drink bottled stuff and even cook with it!

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