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Loose fitting dentures - adhesives not working great - anyone experience of drilling a hole in your mouth??

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 15-Jun-09 11:00:03

About a year ago my mother had about 4 teeth left on the bottom and had them all removed - admittedly against her dentist's advice. Her new dentures now do not fit. We went to see a private dentist who said that this was common if you didn't have any of your own teeth left to anchor the dentures. He recommended drilling a hole in her mouth and inserting a pin which will then hold the dentures in place. It sounds a bit drastic but she is getting desperate now. The adhesive poligrip only seems to work for one meal and she doesn't like the taste. She also has cuts in her mouth which I think are as a result of the loose fitting dentures. Does anyone have any experience of this and or/advice? TIA

extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 15-Jun-09 15:09:17


differentnameforthis Sat 20-Jun-09 02:51:18

The type of procedure I think she has been told about is implants. You can have one or two done & they can be used to anchor a denture. But in my experience, she will need to have new dentures made for the best results. Placing an implant & trying to use the old denture on top with not give great results as they will need adjusting to fit onto the implant, which can be tricky! Thye can also be over adjusted.

I take it these dentures were made a while before having the teeth out? Can I ask why she had the teeth out against her dentists advice? Also, the denture (if made when she had these teeth) will never be right (implant or not) because they were made to anchor onto/around those teeth. Also, while those teeth were present there was bone surroundng them & once removed that bone will regress a little, also making the denture unwearable, as there is no longer that ridge of bone to support the dentures.

Regardless of what she decides to do, she needs new dentures at the very least.

Also, dentures can fit perfectly without any teeth being present, but they need to be made when there aren't any teeth present & after all healing is done. They just need to be made to a high standard & with a lot of fittings & patience on all parts.

differentnameforthis Sat 20-Jun-09 02:52:52

will not give great results

Granny23 Sat 20-Jun-09 03:15:36

I have had full dentures for 25 years. I had them taken out and dentures jammed in on same day, with instructions to leave them in all the time apart from cleaning. The result was a perfect fit. After about a year they were 'lined' i.e. built up in a couple of places to compensate for shrinkage of the gums and then years later I broke them, had a temporary repair done that day, which lasted until I had a new set made - again a perfect fit - have had that set for at least 15 years, no polygrip or suchlike required.

If your mother's teeth are so badly fitting I think she should be back to whoever made them demanding they be put right. Also she should try to keep them in ALL THE TIME 24/7. I come from a family of denture wearers (there seems to be a genetic faulty enamel thing going on) but none of us has had problems with our dentures. Are we just lucky to have a very talented dental mechanic in town?

differentnameforthis Sat 20-Jun-09 04:25:07

Granny, if she had the teeth out after having the denture made, they will never fit again! Nothing will compensate in her mouth for those teeth, as the denture was built around them.

She needs to heal from the extrractions & have a new denture made.

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