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Are there any dentists around please?

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BionicleBill Sun 14-Jun-09 18:13:58

Sorry to ask on a Sunday smile

I have got a crown that was put in several years ago...a front one at the bottom.

The dentist thought it was possibly leaking? about a year ago as I was having a bit of pain, took antibiotics, it mainly settled down but for about a month now has been rumbling in a vaguely achy kind of way - nothing dreadful at the moment.

He had threatened an apicectomy if it didn't sort itself out. I'd like to avoid that if poss, as I've seen the success rate isn't that wonderful, but I realised it has got suddenly wobbly. It hurts if I muck about wobbling it, but if I forget it it is Ok.

So my question is, now it is wobbly, will he be able to remove it and redo the root canal somehow, thus avoiding an apicectomy? Or will I still have to have that done - or maybe even lose the tooth completely?

I'd really appreciate your thoughts, I know you can't be accurate without seeing it but I am anxious and want to be prepared for all the possibilities.

Thanks x

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