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How should he clean his tackle?

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jobey Thu 01-May-03 20:49:03

My son has an infection at the top of his penis and a urine infection he is 6 and ds2 is 5 does anybody know how it is best to clean a childs penis what should they be doing ?Wonder if he has it because it's not being cleaned properly.

Furball Thu 01-May-03 20:58:49

There is advice here

jobey Thu 01-May-03 21:14:31

Furball thankyou so much for your speedy reply it has been a great help.

PopsP Sun 04-May-03 15:41:02

On a similar track, can anyone give me any advice about cleaning a little girls private parts. My new born daughter had some discharge, which my hv said it is quite normal in girls. I was worried that maybe we were not cleanig her properly, as we are used to sons. However when I asked hv for advice about cleaning little girls she was very vague.

StuartC Mon 05-May-03 12:38:39

Try this site for your DD. Scroll down to two sections "Proper Care" and "Daughters".

PopsP Thu 08-May-03 12:27:57

Thanks for the ste - it was just want I wanted.

PopsP Thu 08-May-03 12:27:59

Thanks for the ste - it was just want I wanted.

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