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Anyone had a blood test to check for ovarian cancer? i'm worried

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ilovechoclate Thu 11-Jun-09 23:32:20

Hiya. I went to the hospital for a scan on wednesday to see that my coil i've not had it long was in the right place(it was).

I went because of the servere pain on insertion and the days after though it settled in a wk or so. Anyway during the scan the doctor said that i had a cyst on my ovary, i informed her i knew this already from previous scans. The cyst is small (2.5 cms) so i was shocked that she wanted to do a blood test to see it wasn't cancerous.

She said all was probably fine but why did she want to do it? cyst is small so i'm surprised. Now i'm sitting here thinking maybe she saw something that made her concerned.

Its probably nothing but to be honest i'm freaking inside abit! Has anyone else had this test? how long till i get results?


BellaNoir Thu 11-Jun-09 23:42:52

They are being ultra careful and thorough so please try not to worry. Blood tests are usually a few days to come back to the requestor - did she not say when they would contact you with the results? It is difficult to take everything in when you're worrying.
Friday/Monday is probably the earliest that the results would be available.

LovelyDear Thu 11-Jun-09 23:46:42

I've had several scans on my ovaries, as part of a genetic counselling thing (my mum had ov cancer, and grandmother etc). They find cysts about half the time, and they always do a blood test, even if there's no cyst. It's just a routine part of the test that goes along with a scan. Please try not to worry.

ilovechoclate Thu 11-Jun-09 23:52:22

Bellanoir she did say she would ring me with results either way but cant remember how long she said!

Lovelydear, sorry to hear about your mum and grandmother, my grandmother also had Ov cancer.

I know cysts are v common esp small ones but i was jusy surprised she wanted this checked. but thankyou both, your words have reassured me.

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