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Boots senna Laxative tablets

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edgarcat Thu 01-May-03 18:34:01

Message withdrawn

crystaltips Thu 01-May-03 18:38:56

mmmm Just been up to check - and I too have lost the instructions !
If memory serves me right it's 1 - 2 tablets to be taken at bedtime.
Unless this is confirmed or denied - I wouldn't risk anymore

edgarcat Thu 01-May-03 18:50:45

Message withdrawn

edgarcat Thu 01-May-03 19:59:51

Message withdrawn

Crunchie Thu 01-May-03 20:10:50

Swallow with water, they taste rank enough!

edgarcat Thu 01-May-03 20:14:16

Message withdrawn

crystaltips Thu 01-May-03 21:46:49

edgarcat - truly depends how bad you are. I found that they were not that effective and 2 won't shift much IYKWIM !
Trying to think of something more powerful.
I did 15 prunes once - not funny and I got stomach cramps!!

soothepoo Thu 01-May-03 22:23:13

I've always found rhubarb to be particularly effective when things need a little nudge, also dried apricots. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, too.

easy Fri 02-May-03 13:29:18

2, swallow with liquid, usually bedtime.

However I have a fairly slow metabolism and find that I need to take them earlier in the day if they are to work the following day.

They are fairly gentle, and won't do you any harm if you take lots (not that I'm recommending). If they don't work the first day, don't be afraid to take 2 more the following day.

I find them gently effective, and would give them a try over 48 hrs before trying anything more drastic.

Obviously, try to eat fruit and drink fruit juice in the interim. I tend to take the tablets again after 2 or 3 days to try and get things into a more regular pattern.

I tend to suffer every 2 to 3 months, usually triggered by a period of stress, although I think overdosing on coffee blocks me up !!!


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