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DT1 is poorly, i have no idea whats wrong

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tiffini Tue 10-May-05 20:27:24

she has had only a slight temp for the last 2 days, but she seems to want to sleep all the time, she has only been awake for about 3 hours since she went to bed last night, and i am struggling to get fluids into her.

She has no other symptoms, she does not have a cold,no vomiting, does'nt appear to be teething, i dont think it is an ear infection as she is'nt crying at all, when she is awake she just sits on sofa and watches what is going on around her.

Have called GP today but i cant get her in till tomorrow (useless)

does anyone know what might be wrong.

tiffini Tue 10-May-05 20:27:43

she is 17months by the way.

nutcracker Tue 10-May-05 20:29:59

My ds (2.5) has suddenly got a temp tonight and also went very lethargic suddenly, even asked to go to bed.

I haven't a clue what it is either, he was fine earlier today.

Hope you get some answers at your appointment.

rickman Tue 10-May-05 20:38:54

Message withdrawn

Marina Tue 10-May-05 20:41:28

Oh, this sounds familiar. Ds has got something very similar. You do tend to expect poorly children to have high temp, OR vomiting, OR a rash, or all three. We've got a sad little sleepy guy too.
Hope they all feel better soon.

tiffini Tue 10-May-05 20:44:16

i am giving her calpol and nurofen, but only when she is awake, dont want to wake her if she is better sleeping it off, but she has'nt been sick at all and is sleeping soundly.

i just think it is odd how she does'nt have any other symptoms, and that she does'nt cry.
Icheck on her every half hour, and when she has woken i walk in to find her just sitting up in her cot looking

tiffini Tue 10-May-05 21:17:39


rickman Tue 10-May-05 21:21:39

Message withdrawn

tiffini Tue 10-May-05 21:27:47

i keep trying to offer her a drink, but she refuses point blank, am worried she will dehydrate, i will be sleeping in her room tonight.

thanks for the advise

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