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hypnosis for weight loss - anyone tried it?

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lyra41 Thu 11-Jun-09 13:41:29

Hi folks

Am struggling to lose about 3 stone and am considering hypnosis to assist my will power.
Any experience of this out there? How do I find a decent hypnotherapist?

thumbwitch Thu 11-Jun-09 23:32:27

Lyra - sorry, no personal experience of this but I do know a great hypnotherapist (although it depends where you are of course) who I used for hypnobirthing and she was very effective.

I think the thing to remember about hypnosis/ hypnotherapy is that it isn't like the stage version - you won't suddenly be unable to pick up a bar of chocolate, for e.g. - it will just help you to resist picking it up. I know someone who paid a lot of money on hypnosis to quit smoking, and to test it out after the second session, lit up a cig (she thought she would be physically unable to) so of course it didn't work, because she expected too much of it.

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