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Semi urgent - Feeling of lump in throat with thyroid probs.

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MerlinsBeard Wed 10-Jun-09 22:34:50

A friend of mine has thyroid probs (think its underactive but not 100% actually) but also can feel a lump in her throat. Her GP is sending her to hosp to have a camera look down her throat (don't know what that's called endoscopy or something maybe?)

Obviously googling is coming up with extremely scary things, has anyone had this? and what was it? and what will her appt involve?

horsemadgal Wed 10-Jun-09 23:18:30

I have underactive thyroid. I also get (got??) this lump in my throat feeling. It seemed to be caused by anxiety/depression and has more or less disappeared since I started on the thyroid treatment. Depression can be one of the symptoms of underactive thyroid.
I haven't had the camera down my throat sorry.

hellymelly Wed 10-Jun-09 23:20:40

My very close friend had a lump that you could see,it looked a bit like an adam's apple,it was thyroid cancer.Very frightening,linked to Chernobyl apparently. But she had surgery and she is well fifteen years on.

StayFrosty Wed 10-Jun-09 23:30:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jun-09 10:41:01

Yes Thyroid Cancer is the biggy that is worrying - obviously if it is that that's what it is.

Didn't know that you could have ultrasound instead of camera - will tell her when i see her later (unless she has read this as sent her a link)

what does a thyroid do anyway?

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jun-09 13:16:17

bumping for lunchtime crowd.

looked up Goitres and she said it's on the inside, nothing can be felt on outside. Goitres seem to be palpable on outside.

TimeForMe Thu 11-Jun-09 14:15:16

This is the cause of the feeling of a lump in the throat usually due to stress. HTH

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jun-09 14:37:47

Thanks T4M , will show her that link too. She doesn't have any difficulty swallowing though.

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jun-09 19:04:44

last bump for any more views before i get ready to go out

LeonieSoSleepy Thu 11-Jun-09 19:10:43

Message withdrawn

LeonieSoSleepy Thu 11-Jun-09 19:12:20

Message withdrawn

piscesmoon Thu 11-Jun-09 19:16:26

I had nodules on my thyroid. I had them checked every so often to see if they had grown and a fine needle biopsy. After some years it was thought there was a slight change and I had them removed. It turned out that they were benign and the thyroid was OK.

MerlinsBeard Fri 12-Jun-09 16:08:27

Thank you for your help. She said that they didn't think it was anything sinister but other than that, that's all i know until i speak to her properly 2mo night.
thank you for your replies x

StayFrosty Fri 12-Jun-09 22:32:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fizzyanddizzy Sat 13-Jun-09 11:20:21

I had my thyroid removed due to a hurtle cell tumour - never had an endoscopy during the diagnostic process, just ultrasounds and bits.

Think endoscopies are more ENT related rather than endocrinogical (but prob wrong) so if they thought the lump was related to the thyroid would prob do an ultrasound first. Endoscopy to look for something else. V. often the lump does tend to be anxiety related even when you don't think it is.

Can a lump be felt / seen?

MerlinsBeard Sun 14-Jun-09 11:08:29

Right, have spoken to her. Her endoscopy looked like it was just enlarged which would tally up with a huge reduction in her meds. She is also booked for CT scan and has bloods taken. Think they are checking everything - that's fabbo private health care for you!

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