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Biopsy while breastfeeding

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countrylover Wed 10-Jun-09 15:06:04

I've also posted this in the breastfeeding topic but maybe I'll have more luck here?

I found a lump last week and because I didn't have any other symptoms of a blocked duct or mastitis ie painful lump, fever etc I was sent for a biopsy.

Thankfully everything is fine and it turns out it was just a blocked duct. However the site of the biopsy is leaking milk and I don't mean a little bit. Enough to require a breast pad to be attached to my boob all the time. I wouldn't mind but I have to change it every couple of hours and it sticks out of top of my t-shirts so people keep asking why I'm wearing a bandage at the top of my boob.

Obviously the wound can't heal because the milk keeps on coming. My GP was useless and suggested giving up breastfeeding to allow the hole to close over! I'm going back to the consultant at the end of the week but in the mean time has anyone had experience of this?

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