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Anyone tried humidifiers?

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mrsmick Tue 09-Jun-09 13:01:07

3 mnth old bf DS is snuffly and snorty at night - he wakes once or twice and its difficult to know whether he's hungry or just frustrated with his blocked nose. He doesn't have a cold or seem unwell. The saline drops help with feeding but I wondered if a humidifier might be useful. Me and hubby sleep in the same room and the air does seem quite dry. Also, if is there one that you would recommend? Cheers dudes

McDreamy Tue 09-Jun-09 13:03:11

I have the Vicks one, it has helped with DD1 and DS although set it up for DD2 a couple of weeks ago and because she is so small and still in with us the room being that much bigger didn't really get as steamy as their DD1 and DS's smaller rooms IYSWIM. Ours is by Vicks.

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