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Painful swollen knee, now bruising. No reason. Please diagnose me?

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beesonmummyshead Mon 08-Jun-09 19:24:20

Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my mum who is 61 and otherwise fit healthy and youthful with no diagnosis of anything.

2 weeks ago her left knee swelled up over double its size. It was fluid filled and very painful, it left her unable to walk. It was NOT hot or red.

As she was travelling to Spain the next day, she went to A&E where she had a scan and bloodtests. All came back normal. They told her it must be tissue damage and she was ok to travel.

She went to Spain and has now returned, her knee has reduced in size but is still visibly swollen and painful to walk on. Bruising has now appeared all up her shin, calf and back of knee. Deep purple bruising which is tender to the touch and is in a speckled pattern, not totally solid. She has done nothing which could have caused this.

She had an outpatients appointment today where the doctor examined her and said "arthritis".

She is, perhaps understandably, unhappy because she has now had 2 differing diagnoses (sp?), with no reasons given as to why her knee swelled up, or explaining the bruising. She is still in pain and plans on going to the doctor again.

This time however, she would like to go with a list of "possibles" for the doctor to rule out, rather than wait for another "guess" at her condition.

Can any of you ladies hazard a guess at what might be ailing her?

beesonmummyshead Mon 08-Jun-09 20:02:58

no-one with knee problems?! grin

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