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Missing - my period and before you ask yes I have taken a test and it's BFN

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sweetkitty Mon 08-Jun-09 10:15:14

Am still BFing DD3 but she has one morning feed, an afternoon feed, a bedtime feed and about 2-3 in the night.

Had a period (3 days of bleeding) on 8th May and thought they were back, I am usually a very regular as clockwork 27 day cycle girl, know exactly when I am oving and when my periods is due.

This month no sign, should of had one on the 4th of June but nothing. Took a test 2 days ago and it's BFN.

haven't upped the BFing if anything have reduced it, DD3 is 11 months now. Periods came back at 12 months with DD2 and 6 weeks with DD1.

How very odd?

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