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envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 07:54:24

Hi Im new on here and I have come across a thread about gallstones but now I cant find it!
I have gallstones 4 years ago and was in hospital after giving birth. 4 years later they have retured ( bear in mind I never had the op then) They started on Sunday night (weekago) and the just come out of no where but now Im finding its anything I eat not just fatty foods. When it happens I cant breath walk sit talk and its worse than labour pain. I feel tired all the time and looking after my children aged 2 and 4 is hard without eating food. Im not overweight and have a quite active life. But this is knocking me for 6. When I saw my GP I had a blood test which Im awaiting the results. But how long can I go without food ??? I asked him this question and he said quite a while! any help would be appreciated.

many thanks

Babieseverywhere Sun 07-Jun-09 08:10:09

If the pain gets bad, go to A&E. You will get decent pain relief. They admitted me for a week after a gallbladder attack.

I didn't eat for up to 7/8 days whilst having attacks but it is not pleasant or recommended. Plus eventually I found even clear broth would trigger attacks and we all have to eat at some point

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 08:15:24

Thanks for that I have tried eating lettuce and that starts it off ! Im on 500mg paracemtamol and 30mg codine plus Naproxen 3 times a day! I wish I had the op the first time round. But now its even worse, My doctors are so slow to and expect me to just get on with it. I have just had plain toast and feel slightly ok. ! x

Babieseverywhere Sun 07-Jun-09 08:25:09

Glad the toast didn't trigger an attack.

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 08:38:04

me too I just feel so weak and drained when I try and explain how painfull it is to people I think they think Im lieing as I look and feel fine when Im not in an attack (apart from being weak and tired) I think Ill make another appointment tomorrow and push along a scan again! thanks for you help its nice to know Im not the only one

ABetaDad Sun 07-Jun-09 08:49:10

If you get that severe pain again you need to go to A&E and get pain relief as Babieseverywhere said, they may scan you as well.

It is almost certain you have had a bout of biliary colic. Pain worse/same as child birth is how some doctores describe it. Being a man I am no expert on that but I have had biliary colic and it is agony. My Mum had it too and she had morphine in the end.

Any fatty food, protein rich food or alcohol can trigger it. My first bout was lasagne and a couple of glasses of red wine. I had exactly what you had, then struggled on a further 15 months and then had my gall bladder out. It is not going to get better - you will get further attacks. In the end I could eat almost nothing (just like Babieseverywhere) and could barely walk as the bile backing up into my pancreas was causing surges of insulin that caused my blood sugar to crash.

Cut out every ounce of fat in your diet, eat very light meals, get to your GP and insist on a referal to consultant and a scan. It takes at least 6 month to get through it all. However, if you do have severe biliary colic attack again do get to A&E they will give you the pain relief you need, a scan and possibly an op straight away. My Mum in the end after several years was rushed to A&E and given antibiotics as she got an infected gall bladder. She tried to ignore it for far too long as she is frightened of operations.

My Mum's GPs also fobbed her off but you must insist on the scan (ultrasound) and get to a consultant. They will need to do the basic tests to rule out other stuff but the symptoms are a carbon copy of mine and Mum's.

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 09:00:30

Thanks, sounds bad but after the salad last night I started with the pains and I knew what was coming so made myself sick to get it over with and once Im sick it easy's off. My only problem is if I go a & E I have no one to care for my children and my other half is in Iraq. Its such a nightmare but I know if this carries on Im going to end up lot worse. Thanks Anna

Babieseverywhere Sun 07-Jun-09 09:04:19

My doctors didn't pick up what was wrong with me, until after months of pain and sickness...I turned yellow and had bright red wee. Turns out a stone had got stuck and I was on the verge of organ failure

So if your wee turns red and/or you start looking yellow, go straight to A&E.

smugmumofboys Sun 07-Jun-09 09:12:24

I agree about going to the GP. I had it when DS2 was about 6 months old and it was agony. I had an infection in the gallbladder. I was very lucky that DH had health insurance with his old job and I got mine removed quite quickly. The relief was immediate.

Good luck.

slyandgobbo Sun 07-Jun-09 09:25:37

You do need to press for scan. Without wanting to panic you stones can get stuck and ducts become infected. thsi happened to me and was horrible and dangerous. GPs don't always consider the risks of untreated gallstones, so keep pressing for the help you need. Poor you!

Pheebe Sun 07-Jun-09 12:09:00

I had a very similar experience to babieseverywhere.After 2 years of my backpain being dismissed as birth related spinal trauma hmm by my GP, a physio, a chiropracter and various other medically trained people, I turned yellow and became a medical emergency.

You absolutely must get scanned, as soon as possible. With children to care for its just not acceptable that your GP fobs you off with platitudes about how long you can go without food.

Personally I would push for gallbladder removal. If they offer you the tube down the throat approach (can't remember the technical name) do be aware that you can end up with pancreatitis. I wasn't warned and developed pancreatitis within hours and was so ill I had my whole family at my bedside within hours thinking they were losing me. By comparison the op, a month later was a doddle, day surgery and about 2 weeks recovery (although I was up an running after 3 days). I would say it fixed 90% of my problems. There are a few foods I can't eat as they give me indigestion and I get an upset tum much more easily these days and have to watch for the hidden fats much more careful - no more junk for for me.

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 12:24:58

Thanks guys I have just got back from the walk in centre yet with more tablets !!! Im do go back to GP tomorrow and nag nag nag I guess. I dont understand why they wont listen to me. On wednesday I was in there unable to breath being sick sweating looking after 2 children ( well trying to in that state) and I was sent home with paracemal and codine !!! I will pay for private is the wait is long so I guess Ill just have to see what happens tomorrow. At the monent Im eating tick tacs and drinking water and Lucazade ! Ill keep you updated but thanks at least you guys undertsand the agony in which these attacks are. xx

Pheebe Sun 07-Jun-09 12:34:00

Envy, do you have anyone close by who could help with the kids, family, friends, neighbours? How old are your lo's, do they have friends? Could you perhaps ask some parents to help you out?

Do try and get some plans in place just in case you get worse or they decide you need to go in to hospital. If the worst comes to the worst I believe social services will help out but better to have plans with people your dcs know.

{{{{{{{envy}}}}}}}}} I had DH to help me out, can't imagine struggling through it on my own. Keep in touch xx

Bucharest Sun 07-Jun-09 13:09:59

When I thought I had gallstones (or rather my Gp did, it turned out to be h.pylori infection) someone on here posted a link to a website called or something similar, which was full of useful dietary advice of things to eat, supplements to take to ease attacks whilst waiting for treatment...I remember beetroot being particularly recommended as a kind of natural bile-thinner...Might be worth looking at the site, don't know if anyone else can remember the correct name....

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 14:21:32

Well I have my mum and my other works abroad. But mum works full time. Im sure I will sort something I have a best friend too. I dont understand all the short hand on here like DH AND DS2 ??? help lol x

Bucharest Sun 07-Jun-09 14:26:14

DH- dear husband (v often used sarcastically!) DS2 -dear son, and presumably she has more than 1...

HTH (hope that helps!) x

envy007 Sun 07-Jun-09 16:25:35

Thanks hahah I sort of got the Husband part but not the child one !

alypaly Sat 25-Jul-09 14:54:32

Was it ERCP that they did, I am getting a little nervous as i think is the next option as i am still having pain after gall bladder removal. Hoping a stone hasnt gone into pancreatic duct

Pheebe Sat 25-Jul-09 19:29:39

Hi Alypaly
Yes, thats what it was. Apparently, the risk of pancreatitis is about 5% if you have active GB disease at the time.

I was sore for quite a while after the op and felt as something was there for a good few months afterwards. The consultant thought I could possibly have been feeling the staples they used to seal the GB duct.

Have you had scans and X-rays? I have to be honest and say the ERCP was one of the worst experiences of my life. This was because I reacted badly to the hypnotics they give you and can remember the whole procedure and even tried to get up and leave at one point while the camera was in place. Again, this is extremely rare and I would certainly urge you to listen to the advice of your doctors. If they think there's a stone there it needs to come out and an ERCP is the least invasive route if they can reach it.

alypaly Mon 27-Jul-09 16:22:22

actually had my gall bladder out but still have pain in the middle, just under centre which i believe is where the pancreas is. Had pain that absolutely doubled me up just 3 days after op. Just wondering if there is an escaped stone. Not too bad the last few days tho!grin

hypnovel didnt even affect me, it was supposed to stop me from remembering evrything but i was totally aware of having the gastroscopy tube stuck down my throat and i kept telling them whilst i was heaving on the hose pipe.
The consultant said he couldnt give me anymore incase it stopped my breathing. The tube down my throat nearly stopped my breathing.............

Pheebe Tue 28-Jul-09 08:12:49

Glad you're feeling better smile

The pain from pancreatitis for me was right across my abdomen just under my ribs and was so excruciating I was on morphine for 4 days...awful

I still get cold chills when I think about the ERCP...

alypaly Wed 29-Jul-09 19:48:16

Yes i know the pain from pancreatitis... when i had a warning bout of it 3 years ago. Of course the doctors thought i had overdone alcohol but all i did was celebrate my big birthday for 2 days when i was skiing.
Came home and within a week i was in hospital on a drip with pain like i could not ever have imagined. no food for 3 weeks just a drip.
I am really scared about getting it again as the same area in my you say, just under the ribs on both sides is niggling since the cholecystectomy.

Anyway i have seen my consultant today and he said that the results from gastroscopy have shown that i am over producing bile which apparently hmmsometimes happens after surgery. it may or may not settle downhmm but that is what is probably causing the nausea. All he said was that as far as he is concerned all the results are ok and to phone him if the pain gets worse. Wish i could dismiss my customers like that...oh well we have removed your gall bladder,saved your life,so you have with it....OMG

alypaly Fri 31-Jul-09 15:12:11

things still improving,managed mild chicken tikka the other day,feeling a bit more normal now and severe weight loss has halted.

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