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dry macular (sp?) dystrophy? (eye condition) anyone got any info?

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yousaidit Sun 07-Jun-09 00:00:54

my mum's been diagnosed withthis. she gets blurred vision in bright light, has gt a hospital app for a few weeks (as its 'dry', not 'wet' its not classed as urgent) she had apps to reach this diagnosis, so i presume the next app will be to discuss treatment etc

however, its general info, eg, can the loss of vision / sight problems now occurring, be rectified, or is any treatment to prevent or slow down further degeneration rather than rectificaion?

any info greatly received with thanks.

Earlybird Sun 07-Jun-09 05:10:03

It is called macular degeneration. Info here:

I have been told that taking certain vitamins is helpful in slowing down the progression. Your mum's doctor should be able to advise.

talkingbook Sun 07-Jun-09 19:11:30

No treatment for dry macular degeneration I'm afraid but vitamin supplements are helpful.If she smokes she should also give up.

So the loss of vision she has not likely to be treatable unless she has some cataract as well (often causes problems in bright light) which could be removed.The hospital will probably arrange an appointment for some low vision aids(magnifiers).

One thing to watch out for is if she very suddenly notes a change in her vision (sudden deterioration,distortion,wavy lines) she could have had a change into wet macula degeneration needing an urgent hospital appointment for treatment.

The macular disease society would be a good source of more information.

Earlybird Tue 09-Jun-09 11:09:35

Latest information released today:

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