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health professionals - advice needed please

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tatt Mon 09-May-05 15:38:50

our gp has said he doesn't know where to refer people for allergy testing. Staff at the local hospital claim they are unable to say if anyone there does allergy testing. They refer me to the local private hospital. Surely they must be able to say if they provide that type of service and if so what the consultant's name is? I've e-mailed the chief executive and the local PALS but this is just silly - isn't it?

lynny70 Mon 09-May-05 15:41:11

Message deleted

tatt Mon 09-May-05 15:45:46

Chief Exec replied already - they don't have a service so we have to travel 100 miles or so. But at least they COULD give me the information!

Just excuse me while I have a quick hissy fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluebear Mon 09-May-05 15:50:24

have you tried AllergyUK? 0132 2619864

Our local hospital has a specialist Allergy nurse who we got in contact with via our health visitor - the HV was much more use than the GP.

Good luck Tatt

tatt Tue 10-May-05 05:57:40

started with a couple of the allergy helplines about a month ago. They were only able to tell me about clinics led by consultants in allergy. There are none of those around but most parts of the country have a few consultants "with an interest" and we'd have settled for one of those to get the tests done quickly. However the nearest hospital only has one consultant (in respiratory medicine, for bleeps sake) who does allergy testing and then only at the nearby private hospital. Can't help feeling this is all so he can preserve his private work - but if we pay we'd see someone who is better qualified!

Have ordered an imutest and will see what his IgE levels are - he's too old for a hv, sadly.

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