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Couple of minutes of your time to help buy a cancer sufferer a little more time?

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mykidsmakemyday Fri 05-Jun-09 21:13:04

Justin is a Dad with 3 young children. He has been fighting a rare cancer called Soft Tissue Sarcoma, sub type is 'Liposarcoma' High Grade Round Cell Type. He's undergone 4 operations, 6 months of Chemotherapy, also a total of 12 weeks of Radiotherapy - to throw everything at it! There is now NO further treatment available unless he can get funding for a new drug called 'Yondelis' which isn't a cure but can stop it spreading/shrink tumours.

Please, PLEASE add your support to the campaign - just a brief email before Tuesday - a few minutes of your time could give Justin more time with his family.

Thank you.

daftbat Fri 05-Jun-09 22:26:58

Any idea on the Email address we need to use for the Healthcare Trust? I can't find it on FB. I'll gladly send an Email and pass it round my address book but need that first.

Everyone deserves as long as they can have with their family. Wel,, almost everyone (I've just heard the news about that poor 7 year old)

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