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Well since i got no response last night, perhaps someone would kindly answer this for me

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Saltire Fri 05-Jun-09 07:36:06

If I gave DS1 2 x5ml spoons of Piriteze last night, can I give him another 5ml this morning? It says on the bottle
1x5ml spoonful morning and evening or 2 x5ml spoonful once daily.

flamingobingo Fri 05-Jun-09 07:37:33

no - wait 24 hours from last dose. If he needs it more often, then next time space it out to 2 5ml doses rather than one 10ml one.

Is he suffering from hayfever? Can you get him some opticrom and beconase?

wiggletastic Fri 05-Jun-09 07:38:53

I should think that would be ok Saltire, then give him another one at bedtime. As long as its not more than two per day. I assume its at least 12 hours since he had the two spoonfuls last night?

Hayfever is horrid. sad

lulalullabye Fri 05-Jun-09 07:43:17


Saltire Fri 05-Jun-09 07:44:21

I don't know if he's got hayfever - if he has it's literally jsut appeared. He had been rolling in long grass with his friends and came in with sore itchy eyes and what looked like Hives all over his body. I gave him some Piriteze which helped and his eyes look a lot better today, although he says they are still sore

Saltire Fri 05-Jun-09 07:44:53

Conflicting info theregrin

lulalullabye Fri 05-Jun-09 07:51:27

As long as he only has two doses of 5mls a day, that is fine. Doesn't sound like hayfever though with the hives, but could be wrong smile

FatEric Fri 05-Jun-09 07:52:00

definitely get some eye drops

spicemonster Fri 05-Jun-09 07:52:46

I'd say yes on the grounds that he had 2x5ml once yesterday and today is another day

I'd get him some opticrom today as flamingo says. Your poor DS. my hayfever is terrible this year too - it sucks

FatEric Fri 05-Jun-09 07:53:10

i get hayfever and sometimes my skin reacts to grass.

spicemonster Fri 05-Jun-09 08:10:10

I have come out in hives this year too which is definitely related to tree pollen.

flamingobingo Fri 05-Jun-09 08:20:40

10ml per day means 10ml every 24 hours either in one go or spread out. That means that taking another 5ml now would mean he'd had 15ml in 24 hours.

TBH, it probably wouldn't do him any harm, but I personally wouldn't do it - dosage guidelines are there for a reason and it would be an overdose.

3littlefrogs Fri 05-Jun-09 08:27:57

Ds2 reacted to long grass exactly like this. Make sure you shower him thoroughly before he goes to bed at night - otherwise the allergens stay on his hair and body and get into his bedding.

Saltire Sat 06-Jun-09 10:40:13

Well no more reaction - they play outside at school as well and he was fine. I stocked up on Piriton, or Piriteze syrup though just in case.

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