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st johns wort

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biglips Mon 09-May-05 11:05:38

what are the benefits of using them? as ive never tried it.. thanks

worriedfriend Mon 09-May-05 15:17:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

biglips Tue 10-May-05 00:03:01

no im not taking anything else, just wants to see if it does really work

Chandra Tue 10-May-05 00:07:32

It didn't work for me, it made me feel very agresive. As soon as I stoped taking it the problem subsided.

biglips Thu 12-May-05 08:49:41


TrophyWife Thu 12-May-05 08:56:15

my sil tock it after a huge complete breakdown and it really worked for her, she said she noticed a diff within a couple of weeks.

LittleMissShy Thu 12-May-05 09:25:47

I've just started to take it and feel a lot better, life feels a lot happier

dropinthe Thu 12-May-05 09:31:19

Can you take it if you breatfeed?

Bijraffe Thu 12-May-05 09:45:07

I googled, and every site I saw came up with the same answer: it is not proven safe to be taken whilst breastfeeding. This is the information from one of the sites:-

At present we have no data on the transfer of hypericin to milk or the infant. Judging by its chemistry, it likely penetrates milk. It is quite
lipophilic and has a large volume of distribution, which suggests that it could build up over a long period of exposure. It is orally bioavailable and would be absorbed by the infant. One section of the FDA is proposing to study the breastmilk levels but this has not yet been done.

At this point it is my impression that we should be very cautious with this product in breastfeeding mothers. The fact that hypericin is at least partially an MAO inhibitor is quite concerning. MAO inhibitors have a sorted past and are due cause for concern. Because we presently have well studied and effective antidepressants such as Zoloft (sertraline) and Paxil (paroxtine) which we believe transfer to the breastfeed infant poorly, I would urge breastfeeding mothers not consume St. Johns Wort products until we know more."

dropinthe Thu 12-May-05 09:48:29

Thank you!

biglips Thu 12-May-05 21:00:22


toomanypushchairs Thu 12-May-05 21:18:51

I took St Johns wort the month I became pregnant with my dt's. I wasnt using contraception at the time. I'm convinced that it made me ovulate twice!

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