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Help Diabetic... sciatica and miralgia

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survivour Mon 09-May-05 03:52:54

Please Please Please..... I need some advice... not been on here for ages, if its not one thing its another....But the last month I have been in utter pain.... I can not discribe how much pain I'm in, I cry for most of the day.My Gp changed my Insulin and this caused pain in my feet that gradually gor worse, my feet were sore, felt tight skinned, and throbbed alot, then I started getting shooting pains from my toes to my knees. My Gp told me that I had Diabetic Neuropathy, and gave me pills, (pregabalin). This went on for 6 weeks, in the 7th week my sciatica started up, then from my knee to my thigh on my left leg I got a painfull burning sensation, I went back to the Gp, she gave me more pills, ( Voltarol and Co dydramol)and said I had Meralgia, something to do with the nerves, again she said caused by the Diabetes. I then decided to change back to my old Insulin, the next morning the pain in my feet stopped. But I still had the sciatica and Miralgia. So now for the last month, I have not driven, taken my children to school, walked, my life has been spent on the sofa, I hobble to the toilet, then back to the sofa. My husband does everything for me......The pain got so pain last Thursday we went to hospital, they gave me a pethadine jab and sent me home. Saturday I got worse, back we went, this time in an ambulance, stayed on the trolley for 4 hours, then was given another pethadine jab, then they wanted to send me home, my husband refused to take me home, and told them I would overdose on the pills. 8 hours later they decided to admit me. I stayed in till Monday afternoon, they said I might as well go home, as the x-ray and MRI scan they wanted to do would take some time to sort out, this was bank holiday Monday. I went to Physio at the same hospital on the 4th, they refused to touch me until the MRI scan was done, and gave me a walking stick to use. I am now on= Voltarol 50mg x3. Co dydramol 500mg x 8. Tramadol x6. Pregabalin 75mg x 6. And Zacin cream x 4. Everyday. Sometimes the pain is so bad I take a few extra pills. Please someone out there give me some advice, I am willing to try anything, this pain is too much to bare....Private hospitals, herbal remedies, anything, I feel suicidle. But those of you who know me, know about my heart baby, I bought him into this world, and it is not fair if I leave him without a mother, after everything he has been through.... I am in tears now...I'm sorry if I've gone on, but I have run out of options, you are my only hope now......Thank you for reading all this.......

SoupDragon Mon 09-May-05 07:46:42

a very sympathetic bump for your thread

Can you go back to your GP and tell them everything you've said here about how the pain is unbearable?

melsy Mon 09-May-05 08:28:16

Awwww survivour , you poor poor girl. Im there with you on pain factor for sciatica, I had it acute in Dec/Jan. Thankfully I took lots of pain killers, had ONE osteoptah treatment and it gradualy disipated. I must say that I also had a typeof tendonitis really bad in my thumb and wrist last year and got treated on NHS with pysio women with acupunture , near to the pain area. It was quite painful when done, but 2 days later the pain just dispapeared COMPLETELY.I was told NOT to sit with sciatica as it makes it all seize up more , gentle walking seemed tyo help ease it, sitting made it stiffen & burn and go into pins and needeles more. Im not sure about the muralgia.

Id recommend acupuncture and maybe some visits to an osteopath. Each around £35 per session. Im not sure what the contraindications (if any),are of youre medication though , so check with gp 1st.

BUT warning , you may feel shalky and fluey afetr osteopath for a while as its the body removing toxins. DRink LOTS & LOTS of water.

HTH and you find releif too


survivour Mon 09-May-05 14:44:29

Thank you Melsy, will heed your advice, have a GP appointment at 4.20 today, not my Gp but another from the same pratice. will ask him to do something as I am at my wits end. I have started to hate everything about Surrey now, I want to go back home........If I turned up at North Mid with the same complaints, they would not have given me a pethadine jab and told me to go home.....Cannot believe that I have let them do this to me.....

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