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Sprained foot - anyone had this? Long but at my wit's end!

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aznerak Wed 03-Jun-09 21:47:09

I am writing about my poor DH. Over 6 weeks ago, whilst on holiday, my DH fractured his big toe.

He has had 2 physio sessions and the main problem is, although the fracture has now healed, because he has been hobbling around on a bad foot for 6 weeks, he has been compensating with the other foot and now somehow that foot is now injured.

He didn't do anything specific but it is now totally swollen all across the top of the foot, from the toes right up to the ankle. It is all red and incredibly painful. The other foot (the one that he originally fractured) is still weak so he is struggling to walk at all, as both feet are so painful.

He originally went to the small injuries unit 2 weeks after the initial injury as it wasn't improving, where it was x-rayed and he was given crutches. 1 week later (3 weeks after the injury), the original injury was worse than ever, so we went to A&E. He was re-xrayed and told the fracture was almost healed, but there was significant soft tissue damage. He was given a physio appt and some anti-inflammatories.

3 weeks on from that, he has now had 2 physio sessions - the first was good and gave him exercises for the treatment of the initial injury but now that bit of the problem has improved, it is now the other foot that is the worry.

What does anyone else think? Should he return to the GP for help or should he wait longer?

Sorry its so long, but he is in SO much pain and can barely walk today, I don't know how to help.

Thanks for reading

RumourOfAHurricane Wed 03-Jun-09 23:23:12

Message withdrawn

aznerak Thu 04-Jun-09 08:03:58

Thanks Shineoncrazydiamond

He detests going to the GPs - generally finds them to be less than helpful to say the least! He has BUPA cover through work - do you think it would worth him asking the GP to refer him to a local private hospital for help?

He has finished all the anti-inflammatories that the hospital prescribed and ibuprofen doesn't appear to make any difference.

He is SO unhappy - it is almost 7 weeks since the initial problem. That in itself was odd to say the least. He woke up on Saturday 18th April saying his foot hurt. He hadn't fallen, had an accident, done anything knowingly on the day/night before so we still have no idea what he did in the first place that caused his toe to fracture!

The 2 visits to 2 separate hospitals were of little use to be honest, apart from getting a set of crutches on the first appointment and the painkilelrs and anti-inflammatories on the second. They did no strapping, protection etc so as life does have to go on, its no real surprise that ultimately he has been over compensating on the other foot and now that has got injured.

To make things worse, he has a particularly weak ankle on the other foot (the one that doesn't have the fractured toe!) so it doesn't take much for that to give out on him.

He is working from home as much as he can but he has an important role at work and unfortunately needs to be there for many reasons.

It is having a big impact on him pyschologically - he is sad, fed up, quiet, etc etc so I just want to do what I can to help sad

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