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Wrist pain - De Quervain's Disease? Anyone had this?

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YanknCock Wed 03-Jun-09 18:14:21

Have been having wrist pain with increasing severity for the last four weeks, all of it on the side of my wrist where the thumb is. It is sore when I massage it, and side to side movement of my wrist (especially toward the pinky finger side) is very painful. It hurts to pick anything up, having trouble with dinner plates and glasses. I have been wearing the wrist spints I got when I was suspected of having carpal tunnel syndrome last year, but the pain is getting worse instead of better.

I was thinking it was possibly related to pregnancy (am 28 weeks now). It isn't carpal tunnel (doesn't feel like what I had last year, and have just been evaluated by Occupational Health for it). Was googling 'wrist pain' and came up with De Quervain's disease---it sounds EXACTLY like what I'm experiencing.

Anyone had this? How did you get diagnosed? How did it get treated?

YanknCock Wed 03-Jun-09 18:15:25

splints blush

cass66 Thu 04-Jun-09 11:38:23

See GP. take ibuprofen regularly. get referred for steroid injection if not responding to ibuprofen. stop doing anything that might aggrevate it.

Sorry, just re-read your post and you're pregnant. So you can't take ibuprofen. So that rules that out then!!! HTH cass.

YanknCock Thu 04-Jun-09 12:10:05

Wonder if I can get a steroid injection when pregnant though? The splints are not helping one bit, it is getting worse and worse. If it keeps up at this level, am scared of not being able to hold the baby properly!

I'm not working at the moment, and have tried to not aggravate it, but the simplest things like brushing my teeth, wiping myself, shampooing my hair are all causing so much pain. My right hand is very dominant, leaving the left one quite useless for stuff like that (but I'm trying!).

Will try to make appointment with GP for this. Also seeing an osteopath for SPD, wonder if there's anything she can do?

puddytats Thu 04-Jun-09 12:33:52

I had this, ended up being operated on and have very little problems now, took months and months for doctor to refer me though. Had to have both hands operated on. 2 steriod injections did nothing for me. I have less strenth in my thumbs now but that is better than the pain i was having

marthamay Sun 19-Dec-10 13:35:37

I had a steroid injection last week and it hasn't helped...feel very depressed about it and wish I knew what to do to avoid surgery...

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