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Went to the dentist on Monday.....

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lotspot Wed 03-Jun-09 18:04:15

I went to the dentist on Monday afternoon and had a filling in a back tooth - prior to the filling i hadn't really noticed any discomfort (well except when i ate some ice cream last week lol) but since i had the filling i've found it's panful when i drink cold drinks and they wash over that tooth or when i ate an ice lolly yesterday

at first he put too much on and my tooth was too high (very uneducated discrition ) and had to shave it down or something

basically do you think i should give them a call and go back to see him or do you think im being a bit...hasty (as i do tend to be)...and should just wait and see if it...settles?? such bad descriptions lol

Thanks in advance for any advice

JustBe Thu 04-Jun-09 12:25:18

Hi Lotspot smile

I would give them a call and tell them how sensitive the tooth is..I`ve had the same thing before and the filling was`nt "filling" the gap properly.

jstock Sat 06-Jun-09 12:43:51

some teeth can be bit sensitive for a couple of weeks after being faffed with (another great description!) it is quite normal but if you feel you have a high spot give your dentist a call and it's only a 5 minute job to ease it off, the pain wont go away if it is a high spot so you will need to see him.

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