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What is wrong with me?

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jessicasmummy Sun 08-May-05 22:04:23

I cant move... i cant stay awake, i feel totally disorientated, havent got any energy, headaches, tummy pains, wee-ing constantly, pooing far too regularly, dont know if im coming or going - been like this since friday tea time. Spent no longer than 8 hours out of bed (all together) since friday night and im 16 weeks pg - please someone tell me whats wrong.

SPARKLER1 Sun 08-May-05 22:05:40

Are you resting as much as poss, eating and drinking well??

foxd Sun 08-May-05 22:06:33

What about contacting your doctor or midwife??

jessicasmummy Sun 08-May-05 22:08:07

i am hardly out of bed! Cant really face eating a lot but drinking loads.

dad has been threatening hospital all day, so have promised him i will see his doc tomorrow - im staying with him for a few weeks while dh away.

just wondered if anyone on her had any ideas....

AngelCakeUmm Sun 08-May-05 22:10:41

are you taking the pregnancy vitamin pills? maybe you are lacking in certain vitamins and it making you feel lowsy?

Hope you feel better soon

jessicasmummy Sun 08-May-05 22:12:57

this is what i dont understand.... i was absolutely fine until friday - wouldnt even have known i was pg, and suddenly bang - i feel like shit (sorry)

wondering if possibly my iron levels again???? was seriously aneimic earlier in the year but all was ok again a few months back.

lummox Sun 08-May-05 22:16:10

Iron tablets muct be worth a go. Since getting preg I feel really wretched sometimes when I haven't taken one. Generally feel so dopey that it takes dh to ask whether I've taken it, and then I suddenly realise why I'm feeling so odd.

jessicasmummy Sun 08-May-05 22:18:38

guess its a trip to quacks tomorrow then.... just really didnt fancy the hospital!

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