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TMI (again) please talk to me about recurring soft tissue infections

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sheneversaidit Wed 03-Jun-09 11:12:10

Ages ago I got a soft tissue infection on my groin/inner thigh area right up by lady's bits. It comes and goes on its own, usually it comes when I am on my period because the pad chafes my skin. Well I have it now again fairly bad and THEN I just started my period. So I dont know what caused it. It hurts, it looks bad. I guess I should go to the Doctor and get antibiotics? I'm already on them for a double ear infection. Its really getting me down.

jalopy Wed 03-Jun-09 13:37:41

Perhaps it's thrush caused by the antibiotics.

Best get it checked by your GP though. In the meantime you could try cannestan cream and see if this helps.

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