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never been so scared in my life

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starshaker Sun 08-May-05 14:40:20

On thursday i was a wee bit worried about alana she was off her feed (slept from 10pm wed night to 8am then only took an 0z) she was a wee bit croaky and was very sleepy. i phoned the hv and she said to take her to the docs. he checked her over and said her chest was clear and wasnt dehydrated so was to keep an eye on her and if i was worried i was to take her up to a-doc later that night.

we went home and she was just lying on her changing mat and when i looked up she had stopped breathing and was turning blue. i pannicked and picked her up and hit her back a few times thinking she had choked on sick or something but she still wasnt breathing. she was panicking and eventually started to breathe again. i (stupidly) phoned my mum in a state not knowing what to do and she had to phone the hosp for me cos i was too upset. an ambulance came and got us and took us up to the hospital where they had her on a monitor for a while. we got moved up to the ward on thurs night and thats us just home. they did lots of blood tests and a lumber puncture (sp) which all came back clear so we are left not knowing what it was that caused it.

she has an appointment with the heart specalist on tuesday as she has a wee heart problem and they want to rule out that. i feel so helpless and scared that its gonna happen again when im at home or in bed and i dont notice.

flamesparrow Sun 08-May-05 14:44:57

There isn't much that I can say to help, but I wanted to give you huge hugs. I probably would have phoned my mum too!!

Have you thought about one of the sensor pad monitors for her cot - that way you would be alerted if it happened when you were asleep. I had one and loved it. DD set it off a few times, but the noise always stirred her back awake again.


Aero Sun 08-May-05 14:46:32

Something similar happened to ds1 when he was 10 weeks old and to this day (he is now 7), we don't know what caused it. He had been crying though and then his lips and eyes started to go blue. We went straight to the GP and were referred to hospital where we spent the night having tests etc, but all were clear and we were discharged the following day. Two weeks previously though he had a heart murmur diagnosed, so because of that, they wanted to check everything out and make sure he was ok. He has a small hole in his heart, but is absolutely fine. Hope it is nothing serious and that you can be reassured somewhat. Is horrible though when you get a fright like that - I sympathise.

TinyGang Sun 08-May-05 14:52:35

What a horrible, horrible fright for you. I'm sure they'll check her very thoroughly, and I so hope she's all ok. How old is she?

Just noticed she has the same beautiful name as my little girl.

starshaker Sun 08-May-05 14:57:16

shes only 2 weeks old its horrible i felt so helpless

Potty1 Sun 08-May-05 15:06:20

starshaker - what a fright for you.

Good luck on Tuesday - dd has heart problems so if you have any questions just shout OK? Which hospital are you going to?

TinyGang Sun 08-May-05 15:07:56

Oh Starshaker, only 2 weeks? They sure know how to scare their poor mummies these little ones!

I do think Flamesparrow'a advice with the sensor pad is an excellent idea if you can get one, and it might give you a bit of peace of mind. Could your midwife/HV arrange to lend you one? I expect you must be patrolling her cot whenever she sleeps.

I didn't have a pad, but my first dd had to go back into hospital at about 2 weeks, and we used one there. She set it off - I don't know whether she was breathing very shallowly or stopped temporarily, but it shook me up I can tell you, and did alert me to it. She was fine though.

Hope you're ok.

starshaker Sun 08-May-05 15:27:48

im not sure where i can get 1 but i will speak to the hv when i see her and we might get some answers on tuesday at the hosp

jampots Sun 08-May-05 15:53:58

this happened to a friend of mine. Her 3 week old baby just stopped breathing after a feed - she was a bit snuffly and her mum had got a v bad cold. Luckily her mum had not put her down after feeding otherwise she wouldnt have noticed. She had to have an alarm fitted and one for under her sheet but she is now in reception and nothing wrong with her - it never happened again.

Must have been horrible for you all though and fingers crossed you find out what it is

starlover Sun 08-May-05 15:57:12

monitors with sensor pads



starshaker Sun 08-May-05 17:32:40

thanx also just looked on ebay and see 1 there

hub2dee Sun 08-May-05 18:43:58

Maybe also take a baby first aid course so you can be 'up to date' and fresh with exactly what to do if anything similar should happen again. Perhaps you can then give partner / any carers or babysitters / grandparents etc. a summary lesson.

Sounds super scary.

starshaker Sun 08-May-05 18:52:04

i was kinda lucky that i knew what to do as i have done first aid. I am a qualified nanny but its totally different when it comes to your own baby

delllie Sun 08-May-05 19:16:42

My DD used to do this when she was a baby, quite regularly up until she was 6 weeks old. Turned out in DD's case it was silent reflux (where the relflux comes up into the throat and then goes back down), whereas after 6 weeks it became less silent and more the classic throwing up type!!
I totally sympathise with you as I was a total wreck when this was happening.
Maybe reflux is worth investigating in your DD??

RnB Sun 08-May-05 19:22:03

Message withdrawn

Wallace Sun 08-May-05 19:48:46

How scary for you. Let us know how you get on on Tuesday xxxxxxxxxx

kama Sun 08-May-05 19:52:41

Message withdrawn

bunny2 Sun 08-May-05 20:27:53

how awful for you, Id be in pieces too. We use a sensor pad for dd and it gives me tons of reassurance.

Aimsmum Sun 08-May-05 20:31:23

Message withdrawn

starshaker Sun 08-May-05 20:51:34

yeah im now bidding for 1 on ebay as they can be sooo expensive but if i dont win then i will pay the money for my sanity

hub2dee Sun 08-May-05 21:00:04

Glad Alana had you, starshaker.

Amazed at how many similar stories were posted too.

Aimsmum Sun 08-May-05 21:02:33

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sun 08-May-05 21:03:55

poor you- hope dd is ok on tuesday

Spongebob Sun 08-May-05 21:24:24

When my DS went into hospital at 9 weeks (nothing too serious) the baby in the next cot had had a few similar spells like the one your baby had....they did loads of tests etc and it turned out to be one of the symptoms of reflux....ask your doc if they could do a reflux test maybe...

starshaker Mon 09-May-05 10:37:28

thanx will ask him tommorow and also thanx am i would really appreciate that

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