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Sore gum

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schilke Mon 01-Jun-09 13:37:29

One of my top front teeth has become sensitive. It doesn't hurt, it's more that I'm aware of it - almost like the feeling of slight pressure. Now the gum of the tooth next to this front tooth feels slightly sore - however it looks fine.

I am obsessed with teeth problems as I hate going to the dentist, although I go twice a year as I should. I last went about 2 months ago and everything was fine.

My question is if everything looks ok and it is not exactly pain then I should just leave it shouldn't I ??

I do have a big ulcer on that side of my mouth -just up from the corner of my mouth - which is making everything feel odd, so I suppose it could be that.

At the slightest twinge in my mouth I get obsessed that I'll wake up the next day with half my teeth falling out!

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