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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

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wozzle1 Sun 08-May-05 08:27:22

Ive just been diagnosed with PID. I was rushed to A&E yesterday with really bad shooting/cramp pains in my right hand side.
Doctor said I had PID and my right fallopian tube was infected.
Ive got a scan tomorrow to make sure the infection hasnt spread to my womb.
Ive never heard of this before but he was concerned that my periods were really bad...but this has only got worse since having ds2 14 months ago.
DH is really concerned.....
Is there anyone who can help???

HappyMumof2 Sun 08-May-05 08:56:04

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 08-May-05 13:02:08

Poor you, I hope all's ok with the scan. PID is sometimes sexually transmitted so your dh needs to be checked I'd have thought just to make sure he won't reinfect you when it's cleared. But see what the dr says, I could be wrong. More info here

prettyfly1 Sun 08-May-05 19:47:34


i had this and it is treatable. It is very painful so my thoughts are with you but now it has been discovered you will be dealt with very quickly. re: transmitting sexually - if you and youre partner have had intercourse since you developed the infection it is very likely he will have it so you MUST get him tested to prevent reinfection. NOT pleasant i know but vital!!!

good luck and feel better soon

wozzle1 Thu 12-May-05 10:44:24

Thank you guys for your help....

went back to hospital on Monday and they diagnosed mild PID, BUT my test for clamidia was negative...does this still mean I would have PID?

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