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Hands up if you're on the 'mini pill' and can you tell me why I am having a peroid ggrrrrr

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shinyshoes Sun 31-May-09 19:37:20

I was on Microgynon (combined pill) since I was 15 (am now 34) I only had a break when I concieved the babies and they were concieved pretty quickly. I had my DD 16 months ago, I decided to go on the pill injection, (had 2 lots) didn't work out, for reasons I can't remember why and went to the doctor for the Microgynon again.

He told me new 'guidlines' said I can't have it because I am ahem large. Now I have been ahem large for about 6 years and he had no problem giving it to me then.

He suggested I take the mini pill. Cazerrette or something, I slung the box so I don't know. I reluctantly agree, I very much hate change and it weren't broke so he shouldn't have meddled. Anyways 2 weeks in and I'm having a fucking period. angry I am not pleased, he said there might be irregular 'spotting' and I can't stop taking the pill it's to be taken continuously, but seriously this is an all out bleed, I am having a period. Will I continue to have these? can I expect these every month?

motherpi Sun 31-May-09 19:49:39

Er, yes you can expect these A LOT.

I have a very similar history, and am not not allowed back on (lovely, lovely) Microgynon because I had a migraine about eight years ago.

I was prescribed Cerazette after my last baby ('oh good' I thought - 12 hour window), and I bled almost continuously for nearly four months, which made it extraordinarily effective, but not much fun.

I'm now on Micronor but I keep missing the blasted three-hour window, which means I bleed for a couple of days (and makes it ineffective for a week).

Anyone tried the mirena (sp?) coil?

babyhouse Sun 31-May-09 20:04:15

Hi shinyshoes, have been taking this for 4 years and have only had a light bleed once or twice a year, maybe it reacts differently with different women? It obviously doesn't suit you.
I have since found out that this is one of the newer, better and more expensive mini pills but I am sure there are other brands which you could try so that you can find one that suits you better.
I would go back to your doctor and say this is no way to live!
I too have been advised to try the mirena but have heard all sorts of horror stories from friends!!

Drusilla Sun 31-May-09 20:10:22

You could try the normal (non-Mirena) coil? No hormones at all to mess you about. I had one 4 years ago after the mini pill gave me two periods EVERY month

shinyshoes Sun 31-May-09 21:16:25

Thanks all. Personally I don't want anything inserted 'down there' . I have enough problems trying to get through a smear without having a few vodkas wink. But if this carries on I will be insisting he change what contraception I have I can't be having all these bleeds, I can't be caught unawares, especially where i have 2 jobs, one in a school (can't afford 'accidents' )

Seona1973 Sun 31-May-09 22:14:18

I had one period with cerazette at the start and now havent had one for over a year. You have only been taking it for 2 weeks so give it a chance to settle down. If the bleeding continues over the next 3 months then you could try a different mini-pill as there are several different types and another one may suit you better.

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