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Menorrhagia - any experiences please - Mefenamic Acid and Provera?

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Jacanne Sun 31-May-09 10:09:50

I miscarried 7 weeks ago but am still bleeding heavily. Retained products have been ruled out - I've had 2 scans both of which were clear.

The doctor has prescribed me Mefenamic Acid - this has worked amazingly - the bleeding stopped within an hour of taking the first tablet however if I miss one or am late in taking it the bleeding begins again. I only have 8 days supply of this. My first question, if any one can tell me, is will follwing the course stop the bleeding or will it just come back at the end of the 8 days?

If this doesn't work I have Provera (which is a progesterone supplement I think) which he is hoping will correct my hormonal imbalance.

Has anyone else any experience of these drugs? If so what did they find?

Has anyone else had menorrhagia related to miscarriage? The doctor assumed that I must have had irregular periods before conceiving but that isn't the case. I am also concerned because hormone imbalance is linked to menopause - I am 39 and was hoping to have another go at conceiving baby no. 3.

Any help or advice would be welcome.


Jacanne Sun 31-May-09 10:55:23


Jacanne Sun 31-May-09 17:01:17


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