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Vericose veins - private treatment where?

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Nimme Sat 07-May-05 20:42:53

Oh Oracle that is Mumsnet where shall my sister go and have her veins done. Already had one treatment on the NHS and doesn't want to wait for another.

Anyone seen anyone good, reputable, reliable etc.
- assuming of course that anyone will admit to having anything done....

Nimme Sat 07-May-05 21:10:43


tiffini Sat 07-May-05 21:12:36

can she not have it done privatly, the same place she had it done on the NHS?

Nimme Sat 07-May-05 21:19:34

No - has since moved. She is looking at Harley Street jobs but we don't know anybody and scared of putting money and legs in unknown hands!

pixie54 Sat 07-May-05 21:42:57

Recently had some varicose surgery at The Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire. Very nice surgeon but can't remember his name - the staff would know.. Pleased with results.

Nimme Sun 08-May-05 08:42:55

Anybody in London??

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