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I think Ive got tonsilitus but I havent got tonsils

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sallystrawberry Sat 07-May-05 13:33:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Distel Sat 07-May-05 13:35:36

Go to the doctors, I have been so unwell I thought I would end up in hospital. I have had a troat infection that has spread to all the muscles in my head, neck and back . You need to get antibiotics or more if it has spread like mine. Hope you feel better soon x x x

sallystrawberry Sat 07-May-05 13:37:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Distel Sat 07-May-05 13:41:14

Is there anyone else who can take her for you?

Is it just your throat that hurts because I had extreme flu symptoms, was even suggested that I might have had meningitis, thank god it wasn't but if it more than your throat is there any way of getting a docter to see you over the weekend, mine spread so fast as I diddn't get antibiotics fast enough, even though I was first ill on tuesday night and I had them by thursday night.

sallystrawberry Sat 07-May-05 13:46:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sat 07-May-05 13:46:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tabitha Sat 07-May-05 13:51:02

I think you can still get a sort of tonsilitis, even when you're had your tonsils taken out as there is still some of the 'roots' (for want of a better word) left in. I certainly get a lot of throat infections that feel like tonsilitis and my tonsils were taken out years ago.
Hope you're feeling better soon - definitely think your dh should take your dd to her party and you should go back to bed.

Distel Sat 07-May-05 13:51:09

If you have got a nasty taste in your mouth then that is a sure sign of an infection - can you call the docter out to you, if not, phone monday. Really hope you feel beter soon x x x x

At least you have got DH with you, mine had to go to work this morning

tamum Sat 07-May-05 14:28:09

Sounds like pharyngitis, maybe. You might well need antibiotics by the sounds of it- do try and get to a doctor.

RnB Sat 07-May-05 14:42:26

Message withdrawn

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