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Reactions to the pre-school booster - anyone?

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KBear Fri 06-May-05 19:03:52

DS is 3 - had his pre-school booster on Wednesday. I've just got in from work and taken off his t-shirt and one arm is very red, swollen and hot - the swelling is about 8 cms long. The HV said to expect a swelling up to the size of a 50p piece so this is about four times that size.

Anyone had this? Should I be worried? He is fine in himself, quite normal but says his arm does hurt.

kcemum Fri 06-May-05 19:34:31

Speak to nhsdirect, they should reasure you or give you some advice.

KBear Fri 06-May-05 19:55:32

I did call them but they said they are busy and will call back sometime tonight, but at least an hour. I'm not stressing because he seems okay but it is sore and very red and hot. I suppose I want someone to say, yeah, that happened to my DS and it was all okay!

sparklymieow Fri 06-May-05 19:59:20

This happened to my DD1, it was really sore, but appartently a normal reaction, take a photo and measure it and if it get any bigger, take him to the doctors, it did stay for about 2 weeks with Dd1

kcemum Fri 06-May-05 20:03:10

have you tried putting a cool damp flannel on the area to soothe it? did it with my 3 when they had a reaction.

rickman Fri 06-May-05 20:07:43

Message withdrawn

KBear Fri 06-May-05 20:10:51

blimey that sounds severe rickman. I don't know which arm he had which injection but as he's never had a reaction before to any other injections I'm wondering if it's the one with polio in. Used to be drops didn't it and now it's in the Dip/tet one. Not that it makes a difference what I wonder!

I'm sure he'll be fine. Thanks tho.

KBear Fri 06-May-05 21:41:20

NHS direct just called. The nurse agreed that it was a bad reaction for it to have swollen so much but said as he was otherwise okay, no temp etc there was nothing I could do (except the cold compress bit but my DS wasn't having any of THAT!). She said if its worse tomorrow to call GP. Pretty much what I expected really.

Aimsmum Fri 06-May-05 21:55:48

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 06-May-05 21:59:48

At what age do they have the pre schoolbooster? I know some of you have mentioned 3 - but a bit more precisely? Anyone able to help?

KBear Fri 06-May-05 22:08:39

DS was 3 in Sept. I think they want them to have it done before they start nursery at 4.

Hulababy Fri 06-May-05 22:10:14

Thanks. Need to get DD's immunity for MMR checked out before hand - so may need to sort that our this Autmn I guess.

KBear Fri 06-May-05 22:12:34

Your health authority should write to you to make an appointment with the doc/hv when the time comes.

I hated taking DS - thought it would be a nightmare but he didn't even cry. The hv was brilliant, she did both injections so quickly it was all over before we knew it.

kid Fri 06-May-05 22:14:27

I was thinking about DS having his one done soon. I have told him he will need to have a needle soon so he can go to nursery and not get ill! He is so keen on going nursery that he is willing to have the needle. I am dreading it, I hate needles myself so I won't be much support for him!

Aimsmum Fri 06-May-05 22:23:38

Message withdrawn

kid Fri 06-May-05 22:27:55

When DD had her booster, it took 3 of us to hold her down

Aimsmum Fri 06-May-05 22:31:50

Message withdrawn

KBear Fri 06-May-05 22:33:24

maybe its done at different ages according to regions. I'm in London.

WigWamBam Fri 06-May-05 22:33:41

They have them done before they start school - dd's appointment has just come through for the week after her 4th birthday.

Hulababy Fri 06-May-05 22:35:30

Looks like I have plenty of time then. DD doesn't start school until Jan 2007 (Sept 2006 year group). Must start looking into the immunity stuff though.

kid Fri 06-May-05 23:06:41

I thought it was recommended between 3 and 5. Ds is starting nursery earlier than he was due to, (fulltime in September) I think I'll get the injection done during the summer holidays.
Whty can't they do it all in one injection. Once they put the first needle in, I just know DS will not let them near him. I'm going to make DH take him, he can be the bad guy!

KBear Sat 07-May-05 22:25:45

Spoke to the doc today cos DS's arm has got worse. He said it is not common for such a bad reaction but not unheard of. DS is okay but his arm has a 8-9cm round red, hot, angry looking swelling. He won't let me touch with a cold flannel or anything so I've given him some calpol and that's all I can do. Doc said call again in a couple of days if it doesn't go but I don't think there's much he can do about it anyway.

Just posting this for information really in case it happens to someone else.

Aero Sat 07-May-05 22:53:58

Hi kbear. My dd had a reaction to this injection and ended up on anti-biotics!!! Will try and find the thread to link for you.

Aero Sat 07-May-05 22:56:37

here . I'd definitely have it looked at as it is not normal for it to be so sore and angry for so long.

Aero Sat 07-May-05 22:58:12

Has it got bigger at all? I drew a circle round it with a marker to check.

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