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what is a calcia leval?

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almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:35:05

phoned drs to get results of a blood test woman on phone ..not dr said there is a problem with my calcia levals call on mon talk to dr..any ideas...?

swiperfox Fri 06-May-05 17:38:24


almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:38:56

mm prob but what does it mean when your levels wrong?>

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:39:12

and get back to the other thread lol

swiperfox Fri 06-May-05 17:42:41

calcium deficiency

happymerryberries Fri 06-May-05 17:42:59

Possibly calcium levels?

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:44:13

oh great im gonna end up a pile on the floor

swiperfox Fri 06-May-05 17:47:19

Nah you'll be fine - you never know it could be high, do you have a lot of dairy stuff?

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:48:01

no am always on low bloody fat diets ...

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:49:33

oh you know the wieght i was so proud of losing last week?? ,,carried on the same plan for the week went on scales monday am what was when started ,,so buggerit having chinky tonight!

swiperfox Fri 06-May-05 17:56:55

spooky i am just deciding whether or not to get a chinky! lol

you'll be ok though - my uncle has just found out that for the last 10 years his body hasn't been absorbing any vitamins or nutrients so he's basically totally malnourished!!

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:57:41

oh nevermind least i still have my good looks charm and wit!!!!!!!!!

almostanangel Fri 06-May-05 17:58:49

lol having a conversation over two threads! i think special fried rice chicken chow mein, prawns on toast and seaweed!! yummy

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