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Guava Guava Guava Hey! Over The dill With The Strawbs Of A Thousand Men - 10/10 thread

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TooTicky Mon 25-May-09 22:24:11

For anyone who wants a boost to their general health. The suggested goals are:

EAT 10 PORTIONS OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLES EVERY DAY - if you don't usually eat much fruit and veg I would build up gradually or you could upset your digestion.

DO (AT LEAST) 10 MINUTES OF EXERCISE EVERY DAY - can be yoga, stretching or something more energetic. The plan is that the idea of doing 10 minutes is not too daunting, and having started you may well find you want to do more.

There are no restrictions on what you eat so long as you get your 10 fruit and veg as well. The focus is not on weight loss but on improving our energy levels and hopefully our general mood and well-being. Sign up below and post here to tell us how you're getting on and how you are feeling.

Basic guidance on what constitutes a portion of fruit and veg here and you can download more detailed information by following the link at the very bottom of the page

FrannyandZooey Mon 25-May-09 22:26:30

thanks toot good work
you can sleep in the yurt tonight not in the pit

TooTicky Mon 25-May-09 22:28:53

How long have I been in the pit for then? it all smells the same to me.

aviatrix Mon 25-May-09 22:57:03

Message withdrawn

SuperBunny Tue 26-May-09 02:15:20

Tinned Fruit (at work)
Tinned green beans (at work but they are my new guilty secret - I love them shock) x 2
Veg Lasagne (2.5)

At least 10!

SuperBunny Tue 26-May-09 02:28:07

Oh, I don't get the title. Should I?

EachPeachPearMum Tue 26-May-09 02:30:06

Ummm.... I don't get this one.... blush
What's the song?

EachPeachPearMum Tue 26-May-09 02:36:57

I did think it was going to be Born Slippy when I started reading it... "shouting guava, guava, guava, guava, mega mega white bean, mega mega white bean"....

SuperBunny Tue 26-May-09 03:44:52

That's a good one, EachPeach!

stuffitlllama Tue 26-May-09 04:33:11

superb title

hope you are all very well


are you planning a meet up?

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 07:08:19

Stuffit!!!!!!!!!!!! smile
How's my favourite llama?
yes to meet up you have my email? are you still on fb?

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 07:10:37

Oh, and for SB and anybody else, here is the title song

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 07:11:44

And EachPeach as well. Sorry, I would have named you as well but my head isn't awake yet.

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 07:25:28

....They had to meet the lemony a mile away,
Thunder in the pear and the sky turned grey,
Assembling the knights and their strawbs were sharp,
There was hope in their artichoke hearts,
Hear our gourd,
Hear our pound (of mangoes)
We're gonna fight until we have won

Tatties Tue 26-May-09 08:10:46


Dp was a good lad and went out last night to get fruit for me

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 08:11:41

Ooh, hello Tatties smile

Tatties Tue 26-May-09 08:22:17

Hey TooT smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 26-May-09 08:36:20

Morning smile

I didn't know what the title was, but when I watched the video I realised what it was. I loved that song, but had no idea what it was. Did a member of the band present the Crystal Maze after the bald bloke left? He looks really familiar.

It is peeing down here today. Baby Lemur and I are off to my sisters today.

They just showed a clip of that cheese rolling event thing they do in the West Country and a bloke was doing it in a Borat style mankini. Apart from it looking deeply unattractive, that has gotta hurt.

Buda Tue 26-May-09 08:43:46

Didn't get the title at all till I looked at the clip. That takes me back! Good one.

Haven't been on for a couple of days as haven't been very good. Back at it now. Currently eating a bowl of muesli and strawberries.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 26-May-09 08:51:23

Buda, you HAVE to come on here when your f&v is crap as it shames you into eating more. It works for me grin

Buda Tue 26-May-09 08:59:24

I will ILTMIMI. I promise!

Am planning cut up peppers and cucumber and carrots with houmus for lunch. Will be snacking on fruit. But I am out tonight at a friend's house for Book Club and I think she is doing Indian as the book we read was set in India.

Just realised I have a splitting headache so am off to make a cuppa and have a couple of nurofen. Bit of a stressful morning with an incident at DS's school. It's all sorted now but i think I was more stressed by it than I realised.

littlerach Tue 26-May-09 09:01:23


TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 09:04:55

Yes Mr Tudorpole did go on to present crystal maze.
Went to one of his gigs once but he walked off because he was being harrassed by some totally pointless, brainless tarts angrysad

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 09:05:50

Buda, I might do that. Thank you for the idea.

TooTicky Tue 26-May-09 09:09:20

That's the hummous and veg, not the cuppa and nurofen.

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