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I have been in tears from Wednesday's morning..

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Chandra Fri 06-May-05 00:09:13

...though tears are coming from just one eye [puzzled emoticon} Obviously is not emotional weeping, but does anybody has a clue of why this could be happening?

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:10:54

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 06-May-05 00:13:51

blocked? do you mean the one that it's in working order?

I have been shedding tears continuosly since yesterday. My eye is not irritated it doesn't hurts,it's just that I have a string of tears coming out. Does it seemslike a blocked duct? what could I do about it?


giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:19:46

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:20:59

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 06-May-05 00:25:39

mmmhm, should I go to the GP or would it clear on its own? stupid question, I know, but it seems that my GP's favourite prescription is "fresh air" so I wonderif I should bother him...

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:31:23

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 06-May-05 00:33:25

Thanks, I will check it tomorrow morning

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:34:07

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:35:29

Message withdrawn

giraffeski Fri 06-May-05 00:35:45

Message withdrawn

Chandra Fri 06-May-05 00:46:02

Thanks, fromthe list it seems like the blockage is the more likely.As it's only one eye and I'm having tears all day long instead of just in the morning. I guess I will give it another day and if I don't improve I willmakean appointment... Oh no, is already friday! I will ring theGP in the morning...

Thanks again

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