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DD has chicken pox; do I still go to the ball?

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Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 19:54:53

Had to happen really as a fair few of her nursery friends have had them or currently have them, including her best friend. She was fine this morning - although I did only see her very briefly to give her a quick kiss and cuddle before I went off to work. DH showered and dressed her and she was fine.

But he got a phone call this afternoon from nursery, ad the satff said that they though she had chicken pox. They'd seen a few spots, a couple with blisters. But she was in good spirits and happy with herself, so no need to collect her early.

So, DH did pick her up a bit early anyway and brought her home. When I got back I thought I would have a look - and true enough her front and bak, her neck, hair line and her bottom have quite a lot of spots on them. They are even in her "bits" too Think they are starting to itch a bit too, but she definitely isn't poorly - laughing and running about, talking non stop.

She's in bed now.

But tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to be having my hair highlighted and my eye brows waxed. My dad is supposed to be coming over to look after her for the hour or two it will take.

And Saturday night me and DH have tickets for a ball. We paid a fair bit of money for them, and have had it planned for weeks. My mum and dad are supposed to be babysitting.

But do I go to these two things?

How will DD be by then? At the moment she isn't poorly - is she likely to start to feel poorly?

Oooh - and now I just feel all itchy everywhere!

lima Thu 05-May-05 19:56:47

it's difficult to tell at the moment - my 2 had no problems - didn't even scratch, but a friend's son had it really badly. I think it could be a case of wait and see.

Munchkinola Thu 05-May-05 19:58:58

We had two itchy nights at the beginning but dd was fine in the day, you wouldn't know she was poorly. So maybe she will be ok by the weekend?

Magscat Thu 05-May-05 20:34:32

The only problem we had was the itching which wasn't too bad until a few days in and then it was over quite quick - maybe 2 nights of frustration at bedtime cos of itching. I.e. no reall 'poorlyness'.

HV recommended anti-histimine medicine (taken orally not dabbed on) but by the time I got some ds was pretty much better. Dabbing the spots with cool water with the smallest amount of lavender oil in it helped.

Sorry this might not help you decide about the ball. If your Dad is usually able to comfort/calm dd and ahe's used to being looked after by him you should be ok. Good luck.

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:36:46

Will have to take it as it is on the day. My parents have looked after DD once every month or so, and see if evry couple of weeks at least, since she was tiny. They come to our place and will be staying over. We wouldn't be leaving the house until almost bedtime for the ball anyway.

I will have to just see how she is I guess.

WE have paid such a lot of money for these tickets

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:38:57

I'm supposed to be going out on Saturday with Dh and best mate 9clubbing) don't know if I should go now Ds has Chicken pox, i know my mum will be fine with it and she will be able to deal with it, but should I??

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:41:13

Why is this parenting malarky always full of guilt trips?

If DD is not properly poorly (and needing me) then I think that we will go to the ball. Afterall - oit is my parents. Theyk know how to look after her - they looked after three of us at home very well, and have been through me and my brother having chicken pox as teenagers (wquite bad we were too; toddler sister at time was fine with it).

I am also still going to get my hair highlighted tomorrow I think too.

Maybe I am just a mean mummy

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:46:45

Hulababy, I know my parents will be fine with it too, they saw 4 of us through Chicken Pox (all at the same time) and Ds is just sleeping lots atm, I think I'll see how he is on Saturday..

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:48:25

We 3 all had it same time too - makes you shudder at the thought doesn't it!

Looks like we are in same boat.

Check in on Saturday to decide I guess?

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:50:33

yes I guess, he is really poorly with it and I think I would be worried about him if he isn't better by the weekend, so I will have tgo wait and see...

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:51:22

Hope your DS gets better with it - sounds like a nasty dose he has. They always say that it gets worse with age.

DD is only just 3, so hoping it stays mild.

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:52:51

hoping that Dd1 and Dd2 get it ASAP, supposed to be going on holiday in 10 days....

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 20:53:39

Eek - well good luck.

sparklymieow Thu 05-May-05 20:57:07

thanks, looks like I'll need it, its one of the Sun holidays and I will lose all the money if we have to cancel (£120) did phone up to see if they could move it to a different week but if I was to do it in the half term they wanted an extra £300 as they only had Gold caravans left....

Aero Thu 05-May-05 21:18:09

My three have just been through this Hula and I have to say (unfortunately) that two days after the spots first appeared was the worst day! They were horribly itchy and even my 7yo who copes well with illness found it all too much on the third day!
I found that piriton helped and also used nurofen/calpol as necessary, same with calomine lotion, and bathed them in bicarb bathes which ds1 said helped a lot.
He was much improved by day four which for you will be Sunday.
I guess the way to do it is to weigh it up in Saturday - tomorrow probably won't be great either! Your parents will be able to handle your dd whatever happens, and will be able to comfort her if the itching is driving her mad, so you could go to the ball. It is really just the fact that if she's not been great during the day then if you do go, you'll be worrying all night, despite knowing your parents will deal with the situation perfectly well!
It may be that she doesn't feel too bad with it though. My dd was nowhere near as miserable as the boys (but day 3 was still the worst for her), so fingers crossed that your dd isn't too ill with it!
Sorry for coming across all doom and gloom, but we've just had a miserable three weeks of it and ds2 has just turned the corner and is on the road to recovery. His spots first appeared on Sunday - Tues and Wed were awful!
I'm just glad now to see the back of this miserable little illness! I do hope your dd feels much better soon and isn't too mis.

Bozza Thu 05-May-05 21:20:42

Well when DS had it it (he was 3.5) he would have been fine to have been left with grandparents. He was under the weather but only had one morning when he was properly poorly and sick and that was only a couple of hours. So I would definitely go out.

DD OTOH I didn't put down for about 3 days apart from when in the car - or passing her over to DH while I went to the loo. She was absolutely awful - but only 4.5 months so understandable.

katzguk Thu 05-May-05 21:22:27

ahh so it is chicken pox then!

i would still go to the ball

Aero Thu 05-May-05 21:22:49

Sorry - meant days three and four were bad and day 5 saw the improvement. Day 2 not too bad until quite late, so by Mon your dd will probably feel loads better than she will over the next few days.

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 21:23:25

Well, I have my fingers crossed.

I am really hoping she'll be fine. DH and I need this night out - the house move (or non-house move as tit stands right now) is making us so stressed, we need bit of release.

BUT DD comes first - we will see.

Aero Thu 05-May-05 21:25:20

Will x my fingers for you too Hula - and really hope you do make it to the ball. Dd will be fine with her gps who she knows well and loves.

katzguk Thu 05-May-05 21:25:29

would bring DD round for a final go at getting it but think that 2 weeks from now wouldn't be the best time for us to get it!

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 21:26:26

ERm - think you are rigtht Katzguk. Not sure the timing is great!

katzguk Thu 05-May-05 21:28:18

i just can't believe she has managed to not gte it yet!! we have gone out of our way in the past couple of months to get it, its done the rounds at nursery, Purpleturtles DD and DS have had and we've been to play just before the spots came out so they should have been highly contageous!! its just not fair!! i knwo she going to get it just as i go in labour!

Hulababy Thu 05-May-05 21:30:31

Oh, I hope not!

katzguk Thu 05-May-05 21:32:15

shouldn't be a problem anyway!! i'm immune, yet another blood test i had this PG !!!!!!!!!! DD just might not be impressed if she can't come to the hospital to see the baby!!

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