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rash after the measles jab....

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Carameli Thu 05-May-05 19:30:45

my dd, 19mths had a bit of a temperature this afternoon at nursery and has a bit of a rash. I am not too worried about it as was told it was quite likely she might have some reaction after the jab but that it should not last too long.

has anyone else had this. She seems fine this evening, not bothering her at all. But now I have a dilema about whether to send her to nursery. Does the rash mean she could pass something on?

Carameli Fri 06-May-05 07:34:14


Blossomhill Fri 06-May-05 07:38:27

My ds had this after having his mmr at 13 months. I must admit that being a first time mum (he is 7 now) and very over anxious I did take him to the gp to double check as rashes made me paranoid. It was a reaction to the mmr and he was fine within a couple of days.
The fact she had a temperature would make me keep her off of nursery today. I mean she is only 19 months and probably needs a bit of quiet time at home. Hope she feels better soon

Carameli Fri 06-May-05 07:42:19

going to check her temperature again. It was fine in the middle of the night. She does not exactly like using the ear thermometer though.

If her temperature was fine would you still send her if she has a slight bit of a rash. Thats what worries. I am just worried about her feeling fine and then feeling rough later. So prbably will keep her off anyway.

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