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ds has op on monday, worried about mrsa (and the rest..)

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99redballoons Thu 05-May-05 16:21:24

Hi all, my ds (22mo) is going in for a tongue-tie op on monday(9th). He has to be admitted at 10:30am and the op is at 1pm. He should be released by the end of the day. The op should only last about 15-30 minutes with a light general anaesthetic.

Ofcourse I'm worried about the op and GA, but most of all I'm concerned about him going into hospital with an 'open wound'. He currently has an infected spot on his willy (poor love, thread here ) which he's been given antibiotics for (started on sunday), but it's still not healed and is open/weeping. I know he'll have a nappy on and this shouldn't be touched by anyone but me or dh, but I'm still really concerned. I've also just read lilsmum's thread on her daughter's nightmare infection believed to be caused by the drip they inserted (really sorry to read about all of this lilsmum).

Am I worrying for nothing? Is he just as likely to pick something up from the IV's etc than through this wound? Should I postpone?? I have no idea! (but I think yes). Would love to hear your thoughts.

moondog Thu 05-May-05 16:44:58

Of course you're concernedd 99, but don't get taken in to much by sensationalist press. Chances of him contracting MRSA are miniscule.

No doubt you will be with him at all times, so you can make sure people wash their hands before touching him, and don't sit on his bed.

I'm sure it will all go well.

99redballoons Thu 05-May-05 17:25:48

Thanks moondog. I've just spoken to the consultant and we've moved the op to the 16th as he has a stinking cold at the moment (typical, first one in AGES) and they don't want to risk nasal drip with the anaesthetic (running down into his chest). So that gives me another week to get this spot cleared. I will def pay attention to hand washing, but completely didn't think about the bed!

Any other tips welcome as none of us have been admitted to hospital except for my delivery!

moondog Thu 05-May-05 17:49:58

Maybe bump it up later on when there may be a few nurses about? Nailpolish is one,she's often here.

whymummy Thu 05-May-05 17:56:40

i'm sure he'll be ok 99redballoons,my ds was due to have 2 extra teeth out tomorrow with GA but i also had to cancel due to a cold,hope everything goes well

99redballoons Thu 05-May-05 20:01:27

hope your ds' op goes ok whymummy.

bumping for those browsing tonight

whymummy Thu 05-May-05 21:22:13


nailpolish Thu 05-May-05 21:41:15


the main ways of catching mrsa is actually from the general public (ie visitors) visiting the pt and not washing their hands prior to going in. there is a surprising percentage of people who carry mrsa, mainly in their nose.

so if i were you i would make sure you always wash your hands before touching any open wound, mrsa is only a worry if it gets into an open would because it prevents it healing, and can get into the blood circulation and be a bigger worry

anyway, its important to make sure the nurses and doctors wash their hands too - dont be afraid to ask! and they should also wear aprons at all times and gloves if they are touching open wounds.

if your ds is going into hospital for his tongue tie op then there should be no reason for the nurses to change the dressing (does he have one?) on his little willy. if you are going to be with him all the time he is there then why dont you say you will clean it/change his nappies then that means its just the same as at home. maybe ease your mind a little. im sure the nurses will agree.

the reason an iv drip can cause infection is if the drip was inserted by someone who hadnt washed their hands/isnt wearing gloves or apron, or more probable the drip had been in to long.

also if you are worried the antibiotics are not healing ds's little spot, why not ask the nurses if they could do a little swab, it would get sent to the lab and tested to see which antibiotic is the best to treat the infection? im sure they wouldnt mind, it only takes a second (you could do it) and the result would get sent to the gp, which you could get in a few days

hope this helps

99redballoons Thu 05-May-05 22:12:50

Hi nailpolish, thanks so much for this. It's really answered my questions. He has no dressing as anything on the spot just soaks up wee (it's right near the tip, but not quite) so I've tried to keep him out of nappies as much as possible, but really today has been the first day in about a week where he's not been in one all day. It's helped loads. It's his night nappy which seems to make it all soft and vunerable again (eg. skin wrinkles and splits, kind of like being in the bath too long) since it's kept in a moist environment. I'll try and keep him out of nappies again tomorrow and the weekend. He's on amoxycillin. May ask the gp to take a swab tomorrow since the op has now been postponed to the 16th.

As for the hospital advice, I have taken that all on board and feel we can only do what we can do. I have since read a few more mrsa websites and found the info about the general public, etc.

Thanks again. It helps to hear it from a professional too.

PS whymummy, forgot to say, hope the reschedule doesn't take forever as it did with my ds. This is the fourth time we've had to cancel cos of a cold and had to wait another 8-10wks each time for a new date...

Blu Thu 05-May-05 22:23:04

99RB - I have been asking our consultant about this as DS will be having a series of bone surgeries in due course.
As far as I can gather MRSA is much less of a problem in children and children's wards, and is more of a threat to people with compromised immunity or general weak health. Hence it's seriousness for old people.
But she did tell us to ask anyone who touched Ds to clean their hands with the alcohol rub that thy all carry, or wash them - and not to feel shy of asking that of all medical and nursing staff - as nailpolish says.

nailpolish Thu 05-May-05 22:28:34

a swab should really be taken i think, it will determine a specific antibiotic, poor wee thing, its a terrible shame. a dressing would be a waste of time i think, probably just get soaked in wee and make it worse, also it would be too sore to change every time he wees! give him a cuddle from me x

i dont know anything about childrens wards really, but i would imagine mrsa isnt too much of a problem there. i would imagine its worse in geriatric wards, large surgical wards etc as mrsa is usually more "worse" in elderly pts who have low barriers against immunity, are not in the best of health at the best of times

im sure he'll be fine. in my experience childrens wards have better budgets and can afford better facilities for handwashing etc

at least i hope this is the case

you never know, his little spot might be healed up by then

best of luck and wishes x

whymummy Thu 05-May-05 22:32:57

oh no,i hope not 99redballoons,we've already waited a whole year for this and i was sooo nervous for the last 2 weeks,although it might be better to wait longer as one of his teeth hasn't come out yet and they will have to open to get it out and it might be out if we wait a bit longer,your ds will be ok,hope he recovers really quick

99redballoons Fri 06-May-05 09:03:58

Thanks again for all the help. I've got an emerg appt with our gp this morning so will talk to her. Will let you know what happens!

whymummy, I think once you're on the list it is easier to get an appt iykwim, didn't mean to make you worry. Speedy recovery to your ds too when the time comes.

whymummy Wed 18-May-05 11:21:51

hi 99redballoons,how did the op go?hope everything went well

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