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Weighing babies

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hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 01:11:53

What age do they stop having to be naked on the scales?

ghosty Thu 05-May-05 01:14:56

Not sure... Why?

bobbybob Thu 05-May-05 01:39:43

Ds only had to take his shoes off for his 2 year check. Made a mockery of the comment that he had gone up a centile line! That would be his cloth nappy and his jeans then.

2 is as good a place as any, because it's a new chart I guess.

Kidstrack2 Thu 05-May-05 07:43:39

Where I live they stop weighing them naked just after thier 6 week checkup. They do allow however the weight of clothing and nappy to be deducted maybe a few onces!

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 08:04:35

I was told babies under a year have to be naked. So I've refused to take them.

starlover Thu 05-May-05 08:48:44

My ds is 12 weeks and is still weighed naked.
He LOVES having no clothes on, so it's fab!

MarsLady Thu 05-May-05 08:51:29

kelly, doesn't your health clinic allow you to make an appointment and go in when convenient for you as you have twins? Mine does, though I haven't been since they turned 1.

Mine were weighed naked. I think it stops after about 1 though tbh I don't know!

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 09:05:54

Nope, ML. They said they would provide help, but I'm wary of that, as I can imagine it would be very busy once I got there, like everywhere else in croydon. I don't know why they can't deduct for their clothes, I could weigh them seperately before we go. So I've decided if they want to weigh them they can come to me!
I've actually been stickign them in a very large casserole dish on the kitchen scales, so i know they've put on 3lb each.

MarsLady Thu 05-May-05 09:07:14

As long as you're happy that they are gaining weight. You sound well though. Is it all kinda falling into place now?

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 09:22:47

Yes, thanks. My main prob was the feeding, and that's really settling down nicely now. I'm hoping soon to get them off formula altogether. Plus they are begininng to know the difference between night and day and sleeping for longer stretches at night, so that helps loads. Lookign abck to how it was in the first few weeks, things are def improving.

MarsLady Thu 05-May-05 09:25:20

Very pleased to say I told you so. Very proud of you, you're doing so well. Are you getting any help yet? (or at least allowing someone to help ). Do you have a local homestart who send out volunteers? And have you called the local colleges about students to come by? They all love the idea of twins.

Anyway, enough of the thread hijacking.

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 09:30:11

It's down to the power of mumsnet!! I'm so grateful, cos I really would have given up bfing without the support and advice. I haven't done anything about help yet, as things are ticking along nicely now. Prob all change once they do a bit more tho!

Soz for the hijack hunkermunker.

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 09:43:01

No problem with hijacking! I do it often enough myself Was nice to read you're doing so well, Kelly - the twins sound gorgeous (love the casserole pot idea!).

The reason I wanted to know is that DS is 13 mo now and I wondered whether I'd have to strip him off to be weighed now - he hates it! Mind you, not that I'm worried about having him weighed - I just wondered.

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 10:00:43

The twins are rather gorgeous even if I do say so myself. There are pics here. if you want to check for yourself.

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 11:12:49

Kelly, they're beautiful! What meltingly gorgeous eyes they have

Aragon Thu 05-May-05 11:18:46

As far as I am aware the standard accepted age is 12 months. However, I usually check with Mum that the nappy is not full and if so suggest that it's changed to get a more accurate picture.

Weighing healthy babies is a bit of a hit and miss affair at the best of times - they're all different and can fluctuate from week to week - plus our charts are not truly based on fully breastfed babies so can give a false picture of what it really happening.

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 11:24:00

I always take DS to be weighed with a clean nappy on (he usually wees on the scales )

DS gained beautifully for the first four months and I took him relatively regularly - then started to tail off and the HV started muttering about formula and giving vegetable purees (apparently giving fruit first gives them a sweet tooth - because of course breastmilk is sour as can be - lol!) so I did the sensible thing and stopped taking him to be weighed. Had him done when he was about 9 months and again when he was one just so he didn't have a blank chart in his red book (ooh, I'm such a first-time mum!). He only gained 7oz between 43 and 52 weeks so I scarpered before the HV could tilt her head to one side and tell me in her patronising old cow voice to put him on intravenous lard.

He's probably about 20lbs now he's 13 months, but he is chubby, tall and very active - people are always surprised how relatively light he is when they pick him up because he looks heavier!

Kelly1978 Thu 05-May-05 11:27:07

@ intravenous lard

I took my first quite regularly, my second rather less so (he is 2 and has been weighed about 5/6 times), and the twins prob won't go at all. I don't see any reason to worry when babies are filling our nicely - fit of clothes are a good enough indicator for me.

Aragon Thu 05-May-05 11:57:42

at hm and "intravenous lard".

Some HVs do talk some crap though. "Fruit will give a sweet tooth" - where did she get that one from?

Am a HV too but absolutely refuse to talk such twaddle. As far as I am concerned the weighing clinic is to meet other Mums and talk to the HV if YOU are worried not the other way round. After all if the weight is tailing off it can be quite normal - real problems often go hand in hand with other symptoms and the Mum notices first - not the HV.

megandsoph Thu 05-May-05 12:40:51

when ever DD2 has been in hospital after asthma attack she always has to take her nappy off and she is 2

hunkermunker Thu 05-May-05 12:46:52

Aragon, I think you've changed your name recently and I think I want you to be my HV from this and previous posts

My HV used to ask me (in a tone of voice that suggested I knew nothing) if I felt breastfeeding was going well. She backed off when I asked her if she'd seen the article in the Guardian about breastfed from birth babies weighing less and being healthier for it

It p*sses me off that some HVs are so keen to get babies to pile on the pounds - I couldn't have made DS gain weight faster than he did - he eats like a horse, but he's never still. Short of pinning him down and ramming chocolate down his throat (or the IV lard, obv), there's nothing I could do! His favourite food is cheese, FGS!

CoveredInDribble Thu 05-May-05 13:05:04

Re the weighing babies in their clothes, our ds (6m) has eczema, and will scratch till he bleeds at any opportunity - it's scary the amount of damage he can do in a short time, so I recently had to beg my HV to let him keep his underwear on whilst being weighed, to stop him scratching his tummy. She was very reluctant though, and it was only when she flicked through his red book, and realised he was following the 91% line (and so was hardly fading away!) that she let me - she said had he been smaller, she wouldn't have. Needless to say, he doesn't get weighed very often!

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