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post c-section tenderness?

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tiny01 Wed 04-May-05 09:29:12

hi, I had a c-section five yrs ago and another five wks ago but I cant remember from the first weither I had a tender tummy after. My scar is brilliant and doesnt hurt but the area below my belly button especially on the right side is very tender when I touch it. Is this normal does anyone know?

Saacsmum Wed 04-May-05 10:04:26

Hi, there are a couple of other similar threads going recently but I dont know how you search for them, one was started by me if that helps. My ds was born 7.5 mths ago and I am still tender not exactly at the site but slightly under, perhaps where the muscles or layers underneath were moved and manipulated. Area is still red and raised and itch and I get nauseas when it is pressed at times. At 5wks I was still under my ob and getting it checked every now and then. If this is not an option, get it checked out if worried but sounds normal to me and similar to my experience. HTH

tiny01 Wed 04-May-05 10:11:54

Thanks for that saccsmum, I thougth it should be ok but just thought I would check with someone. It got me nervous when I spoke to a mum at school who had section 6mths ago and had dissolveable stiches like mine and she has had some many courses of antibiotics and infections that she may have to be opened up again. but her scar is angry and red and has a little hole that wont heal so my paranoia is getting the better of me again.

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