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Frequent need to pass urine....why? any idea's

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bouncy Sun 27-Apr-03 12:07:46

For the past 5 days I have felt the urge to go to the loo more often. I have not increased my water intake, and have even tried to stop drinking after 6 pm. nothing is working.

When I go to bed is the worst, I find myself getting up 3 times in 10 minutes to go (then its only a dribble). It reminds me of when I was pregnant (definately not pregnant).

Nothing else seems to be happening in that area. Any idea's, I do not want to book an appointment if its something simple.

whymummy Sun 27-Apr-03 12:13:28

i had that just before i got thrush or it could be the begining of cystitis,just drink lots of cranberry juice just in case!!

robinw Sun 27-Apr-03 18:37:07

message withdrawn

sobernow Sun 27-Apr-03 18:45:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leese Sun 27-Apr-03 19:33:15

bouncy - sounds very much like a water infection. these usually result in a frequent urge to pass urine, but then you only manage to pass a bit. Sometimes pain can be present (usually lower abdomen, radiating to back), and/or stinging when you pass urine - there can be blood in the urine also in some instances. Often even when you have passed urine, there is still that 'urge' like you still need to go. Your wee can also smell a bit offensive.
The best thing all round would be to see the GP, who will ask you to provide a urine sample to send off (he may also dip a stick into the urine whilst you are there - protein is indicative of infection). The sooner you go, the sooner this will get cleared up.
I would also urge you not to cut down on your fluid as you have been doing - you must drink as much plain water as you can tolerate to help flush any possible bugs out of your bladder. Avoid tea and cofffe, and anything too acidic. As mentioned, cranberry juice is also effective

bouncy Mon 28-Apr-03 09:24:54

Thanks all, After reading this yesterday I managed to down 3 litres of water, despite being up half the night going to the toilet, it feels so much better and feels like it is almost gone. People that have had this before, is it something that goes away on its own, or do I still need to see the doctor is case it comes back. Thank-you

susanmt Tue 29-Apr-03 11:08:10

Hi bouncy - speaking as a veteran of bladder and kidney infections I can recommend you take a sample of urine to your doc and get it checked. If you have any fever or pain in your back then ask for an emergency appointment as if it goes into your kidneys it can make you pretty ill (sometimes you end up in hospital) so its worth catching it early. You should continue to drink more than normal (over 4pts a day) for the next few weeks as even a couple of bugs left behind can cause the infection to recur.
Hope this helps.

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