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marina coil

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Tummyfire Wed 04-May-05 00:23:07

I've had a marina coil since Febuary 2005, main problem has been the odour that it has been giving off, making it very embarassing at times. Despite two courses of different antibiotics, no success. So now the only alternative is to have it removed. Has anyone else suffered with this problem?

Sugarmag Wed 04-May-05 06:33:18

I had one for a while - I had lots of discharge (ugh, what a horrible word!) and irritation. Strangely enough I also had swelling in my hands - not something I associated with the coil at first but it disappeared as soon as I had it removed. Must have been hormonal. So now I'm back on my contraceptive pill, which doesn't really bother me except for the fact that I'm totally paranoid about forgetting to take it - I do NOT want another baby!

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